GPS Fleet Tracking System – Top 3 Benefits

11 Apr 2010

When you own a business, then most daunting work for you would be managing vehicles and the activities of the drivers. You won’t be able to control the cost of company and productivity of the business if you do not pay attention to the vehicle management system of your organization.

Thus to save fuel cost and manage driver’s activity, GPS Fleet tracking system is unparallel. So, find some good reasons before installing this device for better fleet management.

  1. Speeding & Fuel Consumption : As per statistics, when vehicle is exceeding 10 mph faster than the desired speed limit then fuel consumption raises 20 percent and when it is 20 mph faster, then it goes up to 25percent. Now you can get rid of this situation with GPS fleet tracker. And you can easily set the targeted speed by pressing few buttons on web interface. If any driver is exceeding this limit, you will be alerted with email/text message.
  2. Off Route Driving/Personal Business: This kind of off route driving can cost you more fuel expense every month. If drivers go 20 miles off route then it will cost $13.50 in fuel per day and that will become $270 per month when it is 5 days a week driving. On average it will add on 20 minutes in payroll time every day. But with GPS fleet tracker, this kind of excessive expenses can be cut down easily. This GPS Fleet tracking system can easily monitor traveled routes including start/stop locations and times.
  3. Excessive Idling: With each hour of idling will add up more consumption of gas. Moreover, excessive idling can lead to unnecessary wear and maintenance of the engines. With the help of GPS Fleet tracking system, this kind of expenses can be eliminated and your fleets’ activities can be monitored thoroughly.

In a nutshell, GPS Fleet tracking system helps to gauge any kind of monitoring in off route driving, exceeding speeds and unnecessary idling.

If you are wondering about options, then it is to suggest that you can go for RTV5 Live GPS Fleet Management or VLS300 Fleet Tracking System for the outstanding fleet management.

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