How GPS Fleet Tracking Can Help Reduce 2018 Business Insurance Costs

16 Apr 2018

As businesses look to the future and plan for the remainder of 2018, one of the things many fleets are focusing on is reducing costs. Depending on the size of your fleet, the materials you handle, and the risks your drivers represent, that can be a huge expense for your business.

What you may not know is the GPS fleet tracking can help you cut your business insurance costs substantially. These are just a few of the ways it can help.

Upfront Discount for GPS Tracking

According to Automotive Digest, some insurance carriers offer up to a 15 percent discount, off the top for fleets the implement GPS fleet tracking. Insurance is a business of risks. GPS tracking shows them that you are acting in a manner that reduces those risks. They reward you by offering a substantial discount.

Improving Driver Behavior

One unexpected benefit of GPS fleet tracking for many fleets is that it encourages drivers to behave more responsibly behind the wheel. Sometimes, it’s by design, if you actively monitor driver behavior. Other times, though, it’s incidental because drivers know their behavior can be monitored and drive more responsibly as a result.

Automating Maintenance Scheduling

Well-maintained vehicles are less likely to have maintenance-related accidents on the road. By preventing these accidents you’re eliminating the insurance increases that would occur in their aftermath. It’s still saving you money either way.

Reducing Theft

GPS tracking can be a two-edged sword for preventing theft. Not only can you track the trucks at all times, allowing for their swift recovery if they are stolen, but GPS tracking can also be used to monitor the location of cargo – ensuring that stolen cargo is quickly returned and greatly reducing insurance claims for lost or missing freight. Something else insurance companies appreciate.

Reducing Weather-Related Accidents

GPS tracking can also help you steer your drivers clear of the worst roads winter weather – and other weather hazards – has to offer. Using GPS to plan routes can help you avoid winter storms, ice, hazardous road conditions, raging wildfires, flooding, and more. This means fewer accidents and losses for your business that result in costly claims for theirs.

It is impressive how many ways making one small change for your business can impact the costs of running your business. GPS fleet tracking, for instance, can help you cut your fuel costs, labor costs, and your insurance costs. The question now, is why aren’t you using GPS fleet tracking for your fleet?

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