How GPS Fleet Tracking Can Help Manage Costs During the COVID-19 Pandemic

18 Dec 2020

As a fleet manager, you have a big job on your hands in the next upcoming months. You must ensure you continue to provide your customers continuous service under demanding circumstances, as well as keep your expenses down when your budget is already too lean as it is. Plus, you also need to adhere to social distancing restrictions and rules.

It’s not a simple job, which is why a lot of fleet managers are turning to technology — like GPS fleet tracking, to help them operate productively and profitably. Below are some ways GPS fleet tracking can help you manage costs during this COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. Plan Out Routes in Real-Time

Certain items, like medical supplies and food, are in huge demand and it’s up to your drivers to ensure they’re getting into the hands where they’re needed more efficiently and quickly. With GPS fleet tracking, you can plan your routes out carefully. You can monitor driver progress, choose the quickest routes, and send your customers updates – all in real-time. Planning out your routes efficiently is not just getting your deliveries from point A to point B, but rather it’s about being proactive and ready to face challenges head on in real-time.

  1. Receive Near Real-Time Notifications

If there’s been a COVID-19 case reported in a certain commercial building, you can create a geofence around this area and designate it as a geographic location your drivers shouldn’t enter. Or, you can create a geofence around a quarantined area or zone. Geofencing allows you to do contact tracing with your drivers and help the community as a whole.

  1. Focus on Cost Control

Cost control is more crucial than ever and budgets are very tight these days. When you take the time to really investigate your fleet management expenses, it can help streamline and maintain efficiency. Things you can do are:

  • Invest in necessities and monitor expenses: You should be trying to monitor your operating costs and expenses. You should also spend on necessities like tire rotation, oil changes and other routine maintenance which helps ensure safe and quick deliveries.
  • Fuel Usage: Fuel is among the biggest expenses for many fleets. GPS fleet tracking helps you control these costs by helping to improve route efficiency, reduce speeding, reduce idling time, reduce unauthorized vehicle usage and more.
  • Engine Diagnostics: A solid step toward achieving optimal performance of your fleet vehicles is preventative maintenance.

Bottom line, fleet tracking can help you monitor driver behaviors (harsh braking, idling, speeding), fleet maintenance, schedule and delivery route optimization, set out-of-boundary alerts and track, negotiate and audit maintenance expenses to help cut costs and keep maintenance costs down.

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