How Fleets Can Optimize Tire Performance

30 Oct 2018

Cutting costs and keeping them under control is important for fleets of all sizes. The larger the fleet, the more important even minor expenses become, which is why it’s important to optimize tire performance – so you can save greater amounts of money.

These are a few things you can do to improve tire performance, extending the life of your tires, preventing accidents, and saving your fleet money.

Consider Changing Your Tires

Goodyear recently introduced wide based tires designed specifically for long-haul fleets. The new tires help to seal punctures in the repairable areas of the tire’s tread up to ¼ inch in diameter, feature tread compounds designed to enhance fuel economy, and optimized tread designs and footprints to promote even wear and longer tire life. Whether you choose the Goodyear tire or not, switching tires may net your organization big savings over time by helping to reduce fuel expenditures and extending the life of the tires.

Utilize GPS Tracking for Your Fleet

GPS fleet management tools allow you to set up alerts for inspecting tires as well as routine tire maintenance and replacement. Each of these things offers financial benefits to your organization and can extend the life of your tires. GPS offers the added benefit of allowing you to optimize routes to improve the life of each tire and decrease wear and tear on all tires in your fleet.

Change Your Policies

Consider this. It takes a long time to fuel many large fleet vehicles. During the time when vehicles are fueling, consider having drivers (or fueling services) conduct a quick inspection of the tires. This includes inspecting to make sure they have the right amount of air, tread integrity, and other signs of wear. This can help alert you to the first signs of troubles with tires and may prevent accidents and blowouts and conserve fuel. It’s a win for the entire organization. Making it a policy makes it more of a priority for drivers and refuelers to stay on task.

Managing your tires more effectively can save your organization countless dollars each year in tire replacements that could have been prevented. It can also help you reduce fuel costs and avoid potential accidents or breakdowns that cost precious time and may delay the delivery of your goods. Not to mention the costs of repairing damage or meeting insurance deductibles.

Simple steps designed to optimize tire performance can save your fleet big money over time. These are just a few quick examples.

To learn more about the benefits of implementing GPS fleet management tools in your organization, contact us here at LiveViewGPS at 1-888-544-0494.

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