Fleet Management: Not Just for Large Shipping Companies Anymore

7 May 2013

Fleet management is a word that’s taken on new meaning over the past decade. Fleet management tools and technology that were once hopelessly out of reach for small business owners are now within reach and presenting quite a few potential benefits to the business. Here are just a few of the possibilities for using this fleet tracking and fleet management technology.

First Responders

Lives are on the line when first responders are behind the wheel. No one wants to contemplate the possibility of delays for getting help when a loved one is in pain or your home is on fire.

Law enforcement officers, EMTs, and fire vehicles all need every edge they can get during emergencies. That’s when fleet tracking tools come in more than just extremely handy.  A GPS tracking device offers the ability to quickly navigate the most efficient (not to mention quickest) route to reach emergencies, help drivers avoid traffic problems along the way, and help save fuel consumption by minimizing idling times for drivers.

Service Industry

This heading covers a lot of ground. Many small businesses fall into the service industry category and can benefit greatly from fleet management tools that are available today. What types of businesses benefit from GPS-based fleet management tools? Any of these and many more:

  • Restaurants
  • Linen Services
  •  Florists
  •  Landscapers
  • Couriers
  • Construction Workers
  •  Utility Workers
  •  Maid Services

If you’re in a service industry, perhaps one of these or something similar, then you stand to gain a great deal of benefit from using fleet management and tracking tools. You can help keep your drivers from driving out of control, identify most efficient routes, and even spot when someone is off-route. Perhaps the most important benefit, though, is that you can accurately estimate the time of deliveries for your goods and products. That’s a huge bonus when it comes to your customers and how they perceive your customers service skills.

Municipal Workers

The need for municipal workers to utilize fleet management tools may not be readily apparent, but the truth is they do need them. These people drive all over town to see the extent of the damage once the storms have passed. They’re also the people who help clean up disasters after they’ve happened to members of the community. With waste being so rampant in federal and state government systems, it’s a good idea to invest in software that can help prevent waste and save money for local government.

Some small businesses shy away from fleet management tools because they are not sure of the benefits or think the expense is prohibitive. However, the facts of the matter are fuel and insurance savings help mitigate the expense, and stellar customer service, improved productivity, and shorter route times are the icing on the cake for your business.



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