How Fencing Companies Can Benefit from GPS Fleet Tracking

2 Oct 2017

Fencing companies have a lot of irons in the fire at any given time. From installations, repairs, and routine fence maintenance, you generally have crews going in every direction. GPS fleet tracking can help you manage your employees, plan more efficient routes, and cut costs on fuel, labor, and more. Learn a few of the incredible benefits real-time GPS tracking systems stand to offer your commercial and/or residential fencing business.

Keep Employees on Task

As much as you would like to trust your employees, you never know what they are doing when they are out of sight. A solid GPS tracking system can track their location in real time so that you know if they are on the job sites where they are supposed to be, how long they’re spending on job sites, and if they are deviating from their prescribed routes to take care of personal errands on your time.

One unexpected benefit many businesses discover is that GPS tracking also helps to motivate their employees to finish their fence installations or repairs faster so they don’t fall behind their coworkers. The spirit of competition is a huge motivator and when employees know they’re being monitored they are far more likely to raise to the occasion. This means you’ll finish jobs faster and be able to work more jobs into your day and with far fewer overtime hours to pay for.

Improve Record Keeping

Many fleet tracking systems that utilize GPS also offer improved record keeping services, especially for businesses like yours that need to log mileage, driver’s time behind the wheel, and often time worked on various job sites. It is far more efficient (and convenient) to go through GPS records to find this information than to attempt to get drivers to keep up with and turn in the required information.

Time saved by not needing to track down drivers to beg for the information alone makes GPS tracking a worthy investment. Plus, you get the benefit of geographical evidence of your employees’ time on the job if billing disputes arise.

Improved Customer Relations

Appointment windows are notorious bones of contention between consumers and businesses. GPS tracking can help you give your customers more accurate appointment windows, while offering you peace of mind that you’ll be able to meet those obligations despite a hectic schedule. You can also allow customers, if you choose to do so, to monitor the progress of your employees so they can see how near or far away your installers are at any given time.

Aside from all the practical benefits GPS fleet and management tracking has to offer fencing companies, the bottom line is that there are benefits that go well beyond routing and fuel efficiency. These are just a few fine examples.

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