Environmental Benefits from GPS Fleet Tracking

23 Apr 2019

GPS fleet tracking is about so much more than getting directions. It offers many benefits for the planet businesses today are seeking to embrace. With increasing consumer concerns over global warming and carbon footprints, it makes sense for businesses to consider the following, planet-friendly benefits from GPS tracking as well.

Here are just a few of the environmental benefits of GPS fleet tracking:

Reduces Fossil Fuel Consumption

Fossil fuels are not only limited resources that will, one day, run out. The refining process required to transform them into usable fuel for vehicles creates harmful emissions that are highly destructive.

GPS routing allows you to create more fuel-efficient routes for your vehicles to take to reach their destination. This reduces the miles they travel and the amount of time they spend on the road. The correlating reduction in fossil fuel consumption and vehicle emissions can have a massive impact on the environment. In a great way.

Produces Fewer Emissions

While reducing fuel consumption is the perfect start to reducing vehicle emissions, it isn’t the only way GPS fleet tracking can help. In fact, GPS fleet tracking can be an instrumental tool for improving your fleet maintenance practices. This allows vehicles to operate at optimal efficiency, releasing fewer emissions into the atmosphere.

Additionally, you can use GPS tracking in your fleet vehicles to encourage drivers to reduce the amount of time they spend idling. Idling releases emissions in the same way driving does. Enact policies within your organization to reduce the amount of time drivers spend idling and enforce those policies by monitoring idling through GPS.

Eliminates Paper Consumption and Waste

By making the switch to GPS tracking for your fleet you can significantly reduce, if not eliminate altogether, the use of paper within your organization. Think of all the paper you currently buy each year. Trees are required to make the paper and an enormous amount of emissions are created in the refining process to create the paper.

Switching to GPS tracking allows you to eliminate paper logs, provides electronic notifications and records, and reduces the amount of paper you must handle, store, and, eventually, shred each year.

Realizing the Environmental Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking

You can use GPS fleet tracking for a variety of planet-friendly purposes, including encouraging drivers to change negative driving patterns and behaviors. GPS can be an instrumental tool for enforcing environmentally sound driving practices by notifying you when drivers engage in a wide variety of behaviors that are bad for the planet, your vehicles, and the reputation of your organization. It’s a real win for your business and for the planet.

If you’re looking into a GPS fleet tracking solution to realize its environmental benefits, but don’t know where to start, let us here at LiveViewGPS help. Give us a call at 1-888-544-0494.

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