What are Connected School Buses?

26 Aug 2020

Transporting children safely to school, home, and on countless field trips is a number one priority for schools. Connected school buses can help with that.

Without effective communication with school buses, minor incidents can escalate quickly. Creating connected school buses can help to eliminate many of the common communication concerns that make minor issues far more complex.

GPS for Connected School Buses

Safety is the most important benefit connected school buses bring into the picture. GPS fleet tracking for school buses can be instrumental in this regard by bringing real-time GPS tracking into the picture so parents aren’t leaving children waiting out in the cold, snow, or dark longer than necessary in the morning. With GPS tracking though know exactly when the bus should arrive. It also lets parents know when their children should be getting off the bus and heading for home at the end of the school day.

There’s more to it than that, with GPS though. This tool can be useful for helping monitor speeds while driving, route deviations, and more. It aids in communication between the school and parents, though, so that parents do not become immediately upset when the bus arrives five minutes later than normal. They can see that the bus is heading their way.

GPS tracking for connected school buses also holds schools accountable to the green standards they create, improve maintenance and bus safety records, and enforce policies about driver behaviors on the road.

On Board Cameras

School bus cameras are essential tools in having connected school buses today. Not only do they record events that take place within the camera’s line of sight, they also serve as real-time images that schools can monitor for signs of problems, disruptive student activities, and even to monitor how the drivers behave.

Identification Scanners

These devices can be instrumental in identifying students who do not get on or off their school buses at the appropriate places so that parents and school staff know where students are at all times.

On-Board Wi-Fi

This mighty bit of technology allows students to extend their learning experiences to the bus ride home. Those who have longer than average bus rides may complete some of their homework assignments on the bus so they can focus on other pursuits once they arrive home, for instance.

Technology is changing the way the world works. By making modern school buses more connected locations, the possibilities and potential benefits are endless.

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