How Colleges and Universities Can Benefit from GPS Fleet Tracking

28 Sep 2017

Colleges and universities are now back in session, so it’s a good time to talk about improvements they can make for the good of their students, staff, and community.

Because colleges and universities  are huge organizations with a lot of moving parts, it can be difficult to keep up with all the little details of operating and locating all resources at any given time – including vehicles and equipment that belong to the college.

These are just a few ways GPS tracking can help you keep up with your valuable resources.

Track Bait Bicycles

Bicycle theft is a common problem on college campuses. One that many colleges are using GPS tracking to attempt to control. GPS tracking can be used to send alerts notifying campus police when the tracked bikes leave their designated areas and track them in real time so officers can catch the thieves in action.

Allow Students to Track Shuttles

Students can use their laptops, tablets, and mobile phones to quickly and easily identify which campus shuttles will take them to their destinations and where that shuttle’s location in proximity to them. This will help students avoid missing shuttles and help them arrive right on time to catch their shuttles during inclement weather.

Track Campus Security Vehicles and Personnel

Between vehicle GPS tracking and personal GPS trackers you can always quickly locate campus police and enforcement officers during emergencies. This will aid in faster response times and may be critical in saving lives.

Keep Track of Maintenance Crews

When maintenance emergencies happen on college campuses, time can be critical. Sometimes you need the nearest maintenance crews that can immediately attend the emergency at hand. GPS fleet tracking allows dispatchers to locate the right crew with the fastest potential response time so you can make the necessary arrangements in a matter of seconds.

Locate and Route Busses and Athletic Transportation

Athletics are important for all colleges and university. They improve morale, create team spirit, and bring in important revenue for the university. When these busses and transport vehicles are on the road and things go wrong, like accidents or breakdowns, it is important to be able to quickly locate and respond. GPS fleet tracking allows you to do just that, making the roads a safer place to be for student athletes and more.

GPS fleet tracking offers the potential for many benefits to universities and colleges. These are just a few that keep safety in mind first and foremost. Other benefits include fuel-efficient routing, driver safety and accountability, fewer theft incidents, and the potential for lower insurance costs. All of these make GPS fleet tracking for colleges and universities an A+ idea to implement.

To learn more about GPS fleet tracking and how it may benefit your college or university, visit our website, or give us a call at 1-888-544-0494. We look forward to hearing from you.



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