Best Christmas Gifts for New Teen Drivers

5 Dec 2018

Christmas is coming. Chances are good that you have a new teen driver somewhere on your Christmas list. These gifts are ideal for teen drivers who are just beginning to get a taste of independence driving offers. Plus, some of them can help you feel a little more at ease about letting them on the road throughout the holiday season and beyond.

Quality Sunglasses

Whether your teen is driving in winter-weather conditions where snow glare is a constant problem or somewhere sunny and warm this winter, it is always a good idea for them to have as many pairs of quality sunglasses as possible. You want to buy sunglasses with appropriate protection from the sun’s rays as well as adequate glare reducing capabilities as well. Plus, a nod to fashion is something that’s never a bad idea.

Roadside Assistance Subscriptions

While your teens might not be excited about this gift it is one that gives mom and dad a great deal of peace of mind. It’s important to know that someone will be there to look after your teen even if you’re not around to do so. This is great for teens preparing to leave for college as well as those who are on the road a lot for work or school-related activities.

Car Wash or Car Detailing Gift Cards

Gift cards are great because teens can choose when and how often to spend them. Purchasing a few car wash or detailing gift cards for teen drivers teaches them about the importance of keeping their cars neat and clean (especially in areas where salt is used on roads in winter) and begins a lifetime of good driving habits.

GPS Tracking for Teens

GPS teen tracking is an ideal gift for teens and their worried parents. It allows parents to track the exact location of their teen drivers plush it notifies parents if teens are engaging in risky behavior behind the wheel, such as:

  • Speeding
  • Swerving
  • Hard braking
  • Fast acceleration
  • Going outside of set boundaries

You can set it up to send alerts if teens leave certain geographic barriers while driving. If an accident does occur, you know exactly where to go to be with your teen and where to send emergency services if required.

Visor Organizer

Distracted driving is a real problem for teen drivers today. Providing them with an organizer that allows them to store important items securely and out-of-the-way helps to eliminate many of the distractions that might otherwise cause problems. Organizers keep all the essentials within reach without allowing them to get in the way while teens are driving. Perfect!

These truly are some of the best Christmas gifts you can give new teen drivers on your list. Even if they don’t get great reactions initially for some of them, once they realize the love behind the gifts and the benefit they offer, they’ll change their tune (hopefully!).

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