Best Car Safety Features for Teen Drivers

24 Dec 2019

When it comes to teens driving, they have a dangerous track record. One of the biggest reasons for this is because of technology. In fact, of all drivers involved in fatal accidents, teens make up 7%, but 13% are distracted with technology like using a cell phone at the time. Below you’ll learn about some car safety technologies available to help keep your teen driver safer.

  1. Stability Control

Stability control features such as Electronic Stability Control are very important for teen drivers since this feature ensures stability when your teen is driving on slippery and curvy roads. This feature has been shown to reduce the risk of single accident fatality. It became mandatory in 2012, therefore all new vehicles will come with it. But, you’ll need to find out if it comes with any older used cars you’re thinking about purchasing.

  1. Automatic Braking

These systems use radar, video and lasers to gauge if the vehicle’s speed is greater than anything in front of it. If it detects a significant speed difference that signals a potential accident, the system will slow or stop the vehicle automatically.

  1. Teenager-Specific Driver Safety Technology

Vehicle manufacturers might soon provide advanced driver assistance technology that’s built into the vehicle which you can tailor to your teen driver. Some cars already come with smart key fobs as well as other features for limiting speed and blocking certain electronic distractions. Certain insurance companies are also providing families with monitoring and feedback devices built into vehicles for new teenage drivers.

  1. Advanced Crash Avoidance

Features like advanced crash avoidance may benefit teenage drivers. These include:

  • Lane departure warning
  • Forward collision warning with automatic braking
  • Blind zone detection
  1. MyKey

Certain models provide safety features to help promote safer teenage driving. One particular feature is Ford’s MyKey. This feature allows you to program a key for limiting the vehicle’s audio volume and top speed. It also provides earlier warnings for low fuel and encourages seatbelt use.

  1. Adaptive Headlights

You no longer need to worry about dark and curvey corners on poorly lit roads thanks to these amazing headlights. They link to the steering system and turn in the exact same direction as the steering wheel to help illuminate the area the car is in while turning. It’s an especially useful feature in rural areas with no or very minimal exterior illumination.

 Blind Spot Detection

With this safety feature, frustrating blind spots are the thing of the past. Video cameras and/or lasers keep an eye out in spots on your car that most drivers can’t see. If there’s another vehicle present, a caution alert goes off to signal you before you move into the lane of the other vehicle.

  1. Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

TPMS sensors keep track of all four of the vehicle’s tires’ air pressure and will inform the driver with an alarm or dashboard lights that the tire pressure has reached a critical level.

  1. Facial Recognition Software

A newer automotive safety feature is facial recognition software. It’s calibrated to the distinct facial features of the driver and can detect slight attention level alterations in the driver. The software alerts the driver with dashboard lights and alarms. With this feature, you can expect even more advanced signaling measures such as vibrating steering wheels and seats.

  1. GPS Tracking for Teens

It can be difficult to monitor your teen driver when they’re out driving. However, GPS tracking devices for teens allow you to do just this — monitor your teen. They’re designed to keep you informed about unsafe road behaviors and provide you with knowledge about your teen’s whereabouts. They also can alert you with information to help you develop safe driving habits.

The more involved you are in safety features and apps which monitor and record your teen driver’s actions, the more you can fully trust your teen out on the road on their own and have peace of mind.



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