Cannabis Delivery in California Requires GPS Tracking

14 May 2018

For people who use medical marijuana for advanced health conditions, delivery is an important and highly useful service for dispensaries to offer. Some states, though certainly not all, that have legalized marijuana, have approved cannabis delivery.

Cannabis delivery is legal in California, but there are some hefty regulations attached to that legality. One of the biggest regulations impacting all vehicles used to delivery cannabis in the state of California requires them to be equipped with dedicated GPS tracking devices.

Why is the GPS Tracking Regulation a Good Thing for Cannabis Delivery Drivers?

Not only does GPS tracking technology add a layer of security in the event of accidents, but it also helps drivers feel more secure when carrying large amounts of coveted product, like cannabis deliveries.

Many tracking systems also offer panic buttons drivers can use if they need assistance. The fact that GPS tracking provides real-time updates on precise locations, help can arrive quickly.

Other Regulations Affecting Cannabis Delivery in California

The California rule goes on to require GPS tracking systems to be permanently or temporarily affixed to all delivery vehicles and remain active, inside delivery vehicles, at all time while delivering cannabis.

The state desires further requirements according to California Bureau of Cannabis Control Proposed Text of Regulations for cannabis delivery vehicles, including the following:

  • Cannabis cannot be delivered in unmanned or autonomous vehicles.
  • Drivers may not carry more than $3,000 worth of product in their vehicles (at current retail prices) at any time.
  • Delivery receipts must be issued for every single order – to ensure compliance.
  • Drivers must have certain documentation in vehicles at all times, including a copy of the dispensary business license, government ID, and an employee identification badge from the dispensary.

Additionally, some communities in California have gone above and beyond the regulations of the state. For instance, in San Jose, the local police department must inspect every cannabis delivery vehicle to ensure they are outfitted with cameras and secure lockboxes.

Drivers of these vehicles must also undergo background checks and be employees of the licensed dispensary for which they are delivering medical jane. This is in addition to the other requirements the state of California has set forth.

GPS tracking has a lot to offer delivery drivers for and owners of cannabis dispensaries concerned about safety. From the safety factor of knowing help is the push of a panic button away to know you’re never truly lost when you have access to real-time GPS tracking, and the ability to cut costs associated with deliveries by planning more fuel-efficient routes, it’s a win for everyone.

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