How Blind Installation Companies Can Benefit from GPS Fleet Tracking

2 Aug 2017

Blinds are big investments for some customers and blind installation companies understand, all too well, how important it is to keep customers happy so they’ll come back to you the next time they need blinds installed in their homes. GPS fleet tracking can be instrumental in helping you accomplish that goal.  These are just a few ways your blind business can use GPS tracking to improve customer service and get vital recommendations and repeat business.

Never Go to the Wrong Address Again

There’s nothing more embarrassing for a blind installation business than to find out you’ve gone to the wrong address and will be late for the appointment as a result. GPS fleet tracking offers frequent updates and turn by turn directions so that your maps are always up-to-date and accurate.

Create More Efficient Routes

Efficient routing not only ensures that you make all your appointments within the day. It also sees to it that you can fit more appointments into your day. Getting to more installations in the same amount of time means more money in your pockets as the business owner. The fun for you doesn’t end there, though. You can enjoy the added benefit of reduced costs because you’re using less fuel to get the job done, reducing your labor expenses, and may even be reducing your insurance costs by having GPS fleet tracking on your business vehicles.

Keep Customers Happy

Satisfied customers come back time and time again. More importantly, they recommend your blind installation services to friends and family – which puts even more money in your pockets and helps keep your business going. GPS fleet tracking allows you to create appointment windows that are highly accurate based on location and helps you hold your drivers accountable to be on time and not deviate from their scheduled rounds.

Hold Drivers Accountable

Finally, GPS fleet tracking helps you keep track of the locations of your drivers, the driving habits (things like speeding, hard braking, swerving, etc. will be recorded), and how long your drivers are spending on job sites throughout the day. This will allow you to identify workers who need to pick up the pace, those who are taking care of personal business on company time, and those who are driving poorly – and potentially reflecting negatively on your organization.

Keeping your blind installation company going is a full-time job in itself. Using GPS tracking to help keep your customers happy and your employees in line can take some of the weight off your shoulders so you can engage in more profitable activities for your business.



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