Benefits of Cell Phone Tracking for Businesses

14 Nov 2017

Your employees are constantly on the go these days and it’s difficult to keep up with which employee is going where. Cell phone tracking for your businesses allows you a simple solution to track and manage your employees no matter how far or wide they may roam. These are a few benefits to consider when it comes to cell phone tracking for your business.

Serves as a Time Clock for Employees

Remote employees, or those who are on the road can use their cell phones to clock in and out as well as logging their locations and other details related to their work days. This also helps when you are keeping records of labor for specific jobs on off-site worksites. Employees can log in and out of certain tasks so that you can bill accordingly.

Monitor Employee Behavior While Driving

One of the interesting things about GPS tracking, even when using cell phones to track, is that it can be used to monitor the speed at which employees are travelling as well as to determine other negative behaviors behind the wheel. You can even set up alerts to notify you of these types of behaviors while they are happening so that you can address the safety, liability, and public relations concerns these types of behaviors cause.

Assist with Employee Navigation

Many employees who work offsite are constantly visiting new locations and travelling in unfamiliar territories. Cell phone tracking for business allows your employees to have access to constantly updated maps and turn by turn directions to job sites and other locations at the tip of their fingers.

Allows You to Assign Routes More Efficiently

Offering your employees the use of cell phone GPS tracking means that you can work to create routes that are highly efficient for fuel and labor – and to ensure that your employees are following the prescribed routes. Employees going off track can wreck the best efficiency plans and end up costing your business more money in fuel costs and overtime.

Little changes can lead to significant bonuses for your business. Using cell phone tracking can help your employees become more task oriented, improve driving safety, reduce fuel costs, lower insurance rates, and cause countless other business benefits for you. The only question that remains is why you haven’t taken the plunge and made the investment in cell phone tracking for your employees yet. A world of benefits is waiting for you to make this one vital move.

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