7 Ways to Prevent Your Golf Clubs from Being Stolen

18 Jul 2017

If you’ve been playing golf for a while, chances are you’ve either had a few of your expensive clubs stolen, or know someone else who has. You shouldn’t have to lose your valuable golf clubs to those sneaky thieves. Here are 7 ways you can prevent your golf clubs from being stolen.

  1. Mark Them

Etch your name in your clubs or mark them in another way. Marking your clubs is a very effective way to keep the thieves away. They’ll notice you have your clubs engraved and realize they won’t be able to sell them. You’ll also be able to prove they’re yours if the police catch the thief.

  1. Keep Them in Sight

Keep your golf bag with you at all times. Never leave them unattended. If you need to go indoors for a minute, take your bag with you. Many on-course restaurants and pro shops let you bring your golf club bag inside.

  1. Replace your Clubs with Generic Headcovers

Get rid of those extravagant headcovers that came with your golf clubs and put on some low-end or generic headcovers instead. With the fancy headcovers, it’s too easy for the thief to replace your expensive driver with one that’s old and worthless without you knowing. All they have to do is cover the old club with a fancy headcover and swap it with yours. It only takes seconds to do too which makes it too easy for the criminal to make off with your club.

  1. Don’t Advertise

Don’t advertise that you’re a golfer all over your car. Don’t use vanity license plates, bumper stickers or other signs you golf on your car for people to see.

  1. Don’t Store them

Don’t store your clubs in the hotel, concierge or bus storage when you travel. If possible, keep them in your room.

  1. Lock Them

Invest in a security locking system for your golf clubs. Locking systems are fairly inexpensive and make it really difficult for a thief to steal your clubs.

  1. Track them

Since you can’t always prevent a thief from snatching up your clubs, have a system in place to recover them quickly. By hiding a GPS tracker in your golf clubs bag, you will be able to track them, locate them and recover them. You get your clubs back, and the police get to make an arrest.

Think about it. Would you leave your purse or wallet stuffed with $2,000 in cash unattended? Of course not, and that’s exactly what you’re doing when you leave your clubs unattended. To prevent your clubs from being stolen, make them less attractive, more difficult to steal and store them in a secure place when you’re not using them.



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