5 Ways to Improve Your Fleet’s CSA Score

5 Nov 2018

Improving your fleet’s Compliance, Safety, & Accountability (CSA) score is a great way to reduce your insurance costs, improve your recruiting efforts, and boost your attractiveness to customers. In other words, you want a better CSA score. Doing these five things can make that happen.

  1. Hire Wisely

Not only is it important to hire drivers who have the right credentials for the type of driving you need, but you should also recruit drivers that meet the high standards you hope to create for your organization. Interview your drivers. Check references. Verify their credentials and safety records.

  1. Challenge Citations

Every citation is a black mark against your carrier that has a negative impact on your CSA score. Not only should you challenge citations whenever possible, but also challenge the severity of the infraction. It can mean smaller charges and a lesser hit to your score.

  1. Consider Hours of Service Limitations When Dispatching

Hours of service requirements are critically important. These violations provide huge hits to CSA scores and can be easily avoided if you dispatch with these limitations in mind. If you have GPS fleet tracking, consider using that for dispatching drivers to get a better handle on hours behind the wheel.

  1. Use GPS Fleet Tracking to Monitor Fleet Maintenance

Not only can this help prevent maintenance-related accidents, it can also help your vehicles have far more favorable inspection results. The bigger your fleet, the more difficult it becomes to stay on top of all the maintenance needs, demands, and requirements of vehicles. GPS fleet tracking can be instrumental in keeping your maintenance needs on target.

5.Encourage Safety at All Turns

Perhaps it’s time for an organizational shift that places safety front and center. Encourage drivers to improve their own driving habits to bring scores for your entire organization higher and higher. This includes cutting out negative behaviors behind the wheel, such as:

  • Distracted driving.
  • Aggressive driving.
  • Sleepy driving (HOS compliance will help with this).
  • Hard braking.
  • Following requirements for handling, transporting, and storing hazardous materials.

The more you shift your organizational focus to safety, the more your drivers will follow suit. Especially if you change policies that reward safety and punish safety violations.

CSA scores can have a huge impact on your business. However, small changes in the way your fleet operates can carry huge weight when it comes to improving those scores. Make these five changes today and see what a difference they make for your organization.

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