5 Advantages Gained by Using GPS Fleet Tracking This Winter

30 Jan 2018

GPS fleet tracking can provide a few winter-weather benefits you might not be banking. These are bonus benefits, if you will, that can help your fleet break important barriers when it comes to profit, customer satisfaction, customer retention, safety, and more.

These are a few of the key benefits you’ll want to consider when deciding if GPS fleet tracking is the right choice for your business this winter.

  1. Improved Fleet Maintenance

No one wants to be stranded on the side of the road when the wind chill dips below zero waiting for a repairman to come take care of a maintenance-related issue. GPS fleet tracking helps you stay on top of all your vehicle maintenance needs so that this is a far less likely scenario for your drivers this winter.

  1. Reduced Idling Time

As a fleet owner or manager, you control the areas you want to focus on to reduce fuel costs and improve efficiency. Idling time is a good area to review and GPS fleet tracking systems can help you monitor which drivers are the worst offenders and notify you whenever any driver’s idle time exceeds a certain amount of time so corrective measures may be taken.

  1. Synchronized Local Routes with Snow Plows

Not only will this help you improve the safety of your drivers on the road, but it also helps to reduce vehicle congestion on roads that aren’t exactly safe for driving. This allows you to make necessary deliveries without increasing your risks at the same time.

  1. Tracked Vehicles in Real Time

Not only does this allow you to know where your drivers are for the purpose of dispatch, but it also means you can locate your drivers quickly if they happen to break down or are involved in accidents during the brutally cold winter months. Fast service is sometimes essential for the safety of your drivers as well as the cargo they are carrying.

  1. Safer Driving

Winter months are filled with risks. You can set up alerts through your GPS fleet tracking system to notify you instantly if your drivers are driving aggressively, speeding, swerving, etc. in company vehicles. This allows to address these dangerous behaviors before someone gets hurt.

These are big advantages your business can enjoy by incorporating GPS fleet tracking in all your fleet vehicles this winter. Together they make for a safer work environment, reduce insurance claims, and help you improve profits. There’s a lot to love about that.

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