4 Reasons to use GPS Employee Tracking

6 Nov 2017

GPS employee tracking can be highly beneficial for employers in every industry. It isn’t solely for use with giant trucking fleets. In fact, some businesses that benefit from GPS employee tracking might surprise you. Below are four solid reasons to consider GPS employee tracking for a wide range of businesses.

1) Improve Productivity

Employees who know they are being monitored are more likely to stay on task. It really is as simple as that. While employers would like to believe that their employees are dedicated and task oriented, GPS tracking allows you to know for sure.

It allows you the opportunity to check up on them, remotely, throughout the day to make sure they’re where they are supposed to be and to determine how much time they spend at various job sites, sitting in traffic, or otherwise wasting time.

2) Ensures Compliance

With new regulations impacting fleets and fleet drivers, like the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) rule, GPS tracking can help you make sure your drivers are logging the proper number of rest hours and driving hours on any given day. More importantly, GPS can help you keep accurate records and logs of your employees for things like payroll, government records, billing, log books, and more.

3) Quickly Locate Key Staff Members

Sometimes it is necessary to locate members of your staff quickly and discreetly. Providing certain staff members with location tracking allows you to take them aside swiftly to redirect them to emergencies and other potential problems in the workplace – this is especially useful for medical staff in hospital and clinical environments.

4) Encourage Safe Driving

When you have a fleet of vehicles on the road it can be difficult to keep up with the driving patterns and behaviors of one potentially problematic driver. However, GPS fleet tracking allows you to receive email notifications and alerts for certain unsafe driving practices and aggressive driving behaviors.

You can set it up so that you receive text or email alerts when drivers speed, weave in and out of traffic, hard brake, and engage in other risky actions on the road. This will help to address the issue of problem drivers and take appropriate disciplinary actions while also helping you to protect the reputation of your business and your other drivers who do not driver as aggressively.

Of course, these are not the only reasons to invest in GPS employee tracking, but they are among the most important reasons for many businesses. Also consider the benefit of being able to quickly locate and respond when employee vehicles are involved in accidents or other emergencies. The benefits are endless.

If you’re considering GPS employee tracking, take a look at our Drive Trac Employee Tracker App, which is only $10 per user, billed monthly.



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