3 Ways to Power Your GPS Tracking Device

3 Dec 2018

Because there are many different types of GPS tracking devices, it is important to discuss how your GPS tracking device is powered. There are essentially three different ways to power GPS tracking devices. Here, we discuss each one and what they can mean for you.

Solar Powered GPS Tracking

Solar powered means the devices are powered by the sun. There are two important tracking devices powered in this manner to consider:

  1. Iridium Satellite Solar Powered Asset Tracker
  2. SmartOne Solar Powered Satellite Managed Asset Ready Tracker

The Iridium tracker is a self-contained device that delivers energy-efficient tracking capabilities, even in long low sun conditions for up to ten years without maintenance. It is ideally suited for surviving some of the harshest conditions on the planet, including for use tracking hazardous materials shipping and operations.

The SmartOne solar powered tracker also provides up to 10 years of usable service and offers a wide range of advanced features, including:

  • Transmit location.
  • Sleep settings.
  • GPS location capabilities.
  • Theft-alarms.

Each offers unique benefits for certain situations and may be the only option in certain situations. However, these devices are known to have problems as they age so should be monitored closely as they approach the ends of their anticipated lifespans.

Wired GPS Tracking

Wired devices for GPS tracking offer real-time access to information while drivers are on the road. They allow for consistent monitoring of cargo, drivers, etc. allowing you to make important decisions related to routing, traffic, road risks, etc. on a minute-by-minute basis. Wired tracking systems draw power from the vehicles they’re attached to rather than independent power sources or batteries.

While these devices are more expensive, thanks to the need for professional installation, they are also the most reliable and difficult to disable in many situations. You an also use them to access a variety information about the way the vehicle operates, the routes drivers take, the temperature inside cargo areas, reports about speed and other driver behaviors, and alerts when vehicles operate when they shouldn’t or operate outside of prescribed routes.

Examples of Hard Wired GPS Tracking Devices include:

Battery Operated Tracking for GPS

Some GPS devices include a self-contained battery for fueling its operation. These battery powered asset tracking devices are easy to install and have life expectations of seven to 10 years. The anticipated lifespan is determined by the frequency of use for the device. You can customize how you use these devices and how often data transmissions ping to you.

Examples of Battery Powered GPS Trackers include:

The better you understand the differences in how these GPS devices are powered, the more informed decisions you can make about the right choices for your organization.

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