3 Essential Business Services For Food Trucks

4 May 2021

The first food truck ever was created in 1866 by an entrepreneur named Charles Goodnight. Known as the Chuck Wagon to many, it was built from an old Army Studebaker Wagon that Charles purchased from the government.

Rebuilt to his exact specifications, the Chuck Wagon often served beans, corn, stews, and occasionally fresh shrimp and catfish caught from nearby bodies of water.

Fast forward over 150 years later, food trucks have become the main part of American culture. With over 25,000 food trucks active in America today, technology has dramatically changed the way food truck owners operate in the 21st century.

Here are 3 essential business services every food truck owner needs to utilize in 2021.

GPS Tracking

Food trucks have the greatest advantage over stationary restaurants as they are mobile businesses. Serving customers at various events, parks, or corporate buildings, a food trucks reach is broad and often changes.

What is seen as a strength, can also prove to be a major disadvantage. With any mobile business, it is essential that business owners create a way for customers to find you. Utilizing  GPS tracking technology can help keep customers informed of your whereabouts.

GPS tracking can also be used to keep food truck owners in the know of their various truck locations and ensure their team reaches their scheduled location on a timely basis.

Web Page/ Web-Based Menu

The internet has changed the way customers find information on small businesses. Today, 90% of customers research a restaurant or food truck online before choosing where to grab their next meal.

Utilizing a Web-Based Menu is a great way to get your menu in front of customers.

A Web-Based Menu is an interactive menu that acts as an affordable alternative to a website. This allows customers to find you online, find information on your food truck, and view your entire menu all in one place.

The Foody Gram will host, manage, and design your Web-Based Menu for an affordable rate. Keeping your web page and information up to date, they will also track and report how many viewers your menu is receiving as well as where visitors are finding you online.

This service will help you outshine the competition and expand your digital reach dramatically.


The introduction of the credit and debit card, along with newly adopted technology including apple pay and cryptocurrencies, has caused Americans to carry less cash. A study conducted by CNBC in 2019 stated 30% of Americans don’t ever make payments with cash.

Utilizing a proper Point Of Sale, or POS, the system can help you manage cashless payments while also automating tasks including inventory management, accounting, and customer feedback.

Square offers a robust POS system allowing your food truck to build loyalty programs, manage team members and tips, and track key metric reports and analytics.

Accepting cash and cashless payments allows you to diversify your payment methods and ensure customers are always able to hand over their cash.

These 3 business services are sure ways to help you keep customers informed, reach and share information with customers online, and collect payment to help your business grow.

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