Top Fleet Productivity Obstacles

26 Oct 2016

gps tracking improves productivity

At a time when businesses are still struggling to improve profits after a long recession, businesses are looking for new ways to boost productivity in order to help stretch money even further. These are a few of the biggest productivity problems facing today’s fleets.


Drivers spend a lot of time on the road, which increases the risk of accidents exponentially. Couple that with a few bad habits behind the wheel, such as speeding or aggressive driving, and you run the risk of losing out on a lot of productivity as vehicles are repaired and drivers recover from accidents on the road. That’s in addition to the pain and productivity losses related to legal actions that may result from such accidents.

Creating policies about safe driving and establishing clear expectations of driver behavior can help to reduce these risks. This includes things like driver safety training programs and using software to track and report driver behaviors.


Vehicles that break down frequently can cost your company big. They rob drivers of productivity, place an extra burden on other vehicles to make the calls or deliveries, and often take longer to repair than vehicles that are properly maintained.

Keeping up with scheduled maintenance can help to avoid many of the breakdowns that occur on the road today. Additionally, they can extend the life of your fleet vehicles saving your business precious piles of money over the years. The more vehicles in your fleet, the more money your business stands to save from this practice.

You can automate the scheduling of vehicle maintenance with a GPS fleet tracking system and enjoy effortless savings over the years with fewer breakdowns, longer-lasting vehicles, and avoiding the waste of lost productivity that happens when vehicles break down.

Personal Business

Once drivers leave the confines of your office, you have to trust that they are taking care of your business on the road and not their own. Unfortunately, many drivers have abused this trust over the years using company time to take care of personal errands and family business. Without a way to track where they actually are, you have no recourse but to take their word for it.

However, investing in GPS fleet tracking is a great way to keep your drivers honest and on task throughout the day. You can use fleet tracking to notify you any time drivers stray from their prescribed course so that you can take appropriate action.

Additional problems occur when drivers get lost, stuck in traffic, or face unscheduled weather delays. GPS fleet tracking can be used to minimize your exposure to all these instances by routing around the worst of traffic, continuously updating maps to include the newest streets, and with weather updates to keep you and your drivers informed about potential weather delays that will impact appointed routes.

If you are a fleet manager looking to be more productive, call us here at LiveView GPS at 1-888-544-0494 for information about our GPS fleet tracking systems and for a free demo.



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