Top Fleet Challenges GPS Tracking Tackles

26 Sep 2019

Today’s fleets involve many moving parts that most operate in harmony to achieve optimal results. When any one of those moving parts is out of alignment, the results can be costly for the entire fleet.

Listed below are a few of the top challenges fleets face that GPS fleet tracking can help fleet managers tackle to achieve more ideal alignment for better results throughout the entire organization.

  1. Out of Control Fuel Costs

Fuel costs at the pump constantly fluctuate. There is nothing fleet managers can to do resolve that problem. However, the fuel consumption of your fleet is something you can manage. You can manage it more effectively, however, with GPS fleet tracking which can help you eliminate fuel waste and manage consumption in the following ways.

  • Reduce idling and eliminate unnecessary idling in fleet vehicles.
  • Plan more fuel efficient routes.
  • Notify management when vehicles deviate from prescribed routes, without instructions to do so.
  • Route around traffic jams, weather emergencies, and rush hour traffic when possible to reduce traffic-related fuel costs.
  • Improve maintenance scheduling to ensure vehicle is burning fuel optimally.
  • Notify management of speeding, hard braking, and other driver behaviors that needlessly waste fuel.

Any one of these things can save your fleet money and GPS tracking for your fleet helps to tackle all of them. The savings simply add up.

  1. Improves Estimated Arrival Windows

Rather than providing windows of six to eight hours for delivery times and estimated service arrivals, GPS tracking technology allows companies to narrow that window to two hours or less. This improves customer perception of your organization and helps to keep your drivers on task and on target throughout the day.

More importantly, it eliminates unnecessary labor costs by holding your drivers accountable to meeting their target schedules and allows you to keep customers informed, immediately, of anticipated delays or schedule adjustments (such as traffic-related rerouting, weather-related emergencies, etc.).

  1. Avoids Maintenance-Related Breakdowns and Accidents

GPS tracking helps to automate the maintenance scheduling process allowing your fleet to operate more efficiently while avoiding needless accidents and breakdowns related to insufficient maintenance. The more vehicles in the fleet, the more challenging it becomes to keep up with all of them and avoid having vehicles slip through the cracks. Automating the process prevents that from happening.

These are just a few of the top challenges fleets, like yours, face that can be addressed with GPS tracking. Use it well and often and learn about the many other ways GPS tracking can benefit fleets of all shapes and sizes. Call us here at LiveViewGPS at 1-888-544-0494 if you have any questions about how GPS fleet tracking technology can benefit your organization.

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