Portable GPS Tracking Devices

22 Aug 2010

The concept of GPS (global positioning systems) has evolved far beyond just its mainstream use as a navigation tool—it’s also proven effective for tracking the whereabouts of vehicles, persons or identified objects. In fact, GPS tracking is becoming a mainstream strategy for law enforcement, vehicle management, safety and scientific discovery to name a few.

Most GPS tracking devices are small enough to fit in the palm of a user’s hand. They can typically be attached to vehicles and other objects via a strong magnet.  In the case of people, GPS tracking devices are typically attached to clothing or worn on the ankle.

GPS tracking devices are widely used to track vehicles. Whether it’s managing a fleet of trucks or taxis or tracking the location of teenagers, commercial and private use of GPS tracking on the road is becoming mainstream. Likewise, these methods have also proven effective for locating stolen vehicles or pinpointing the location of a robbery that may involve a truck carrying valuables.

Protection of children and adults with disabilities has become an effective strategy for GPS tracking devices. By using these portable devices, mentally or physically challenged persons can be located if they are lost or wandering aimlessly. In the same way, parents are using GPS tracking to protect their children in case of kidnapping or the dangers of simply ending up in the wrong location. GPS tracking is also used by law enforcement as a means of tracking persons who may be out on bail or may be limited to a particular area as part of a settlement or sentence.

The potential of GPS tracking is expansive as many scientists are finding that it is an effectively tool for tracking animals and plants that are being studied in the wild. It can also be used for animal control to track the migration patterns of animals that could be dangerous in populated areas.

GPS tracking laws vary from state to state. It is typically not lawful to place GPS trackers on vehicles that do not belong to you.

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