When your teen starts driving, it can be scary no matter how responsible you think they are behind the wheel. Even the safest and most responsible teen drivers are at a higher risk of accidents due to their lack of experience.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) teen drivers between the ages of 16 and 19 years old are 3 times more likely to get in a fatal crash when compared to drivers 20 years of age or older. So if you’re worried about your teen when they’re out driving, you’re not alone.

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Monitoring employee productivity in some way has always been an important part of running or managing a business, but as more employees went remote during the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses all over the world began increasing ways to track employee productivity. Whether you’re a business leader in an office environment, oversee multiple construction sites, or manage a fleet of vehicles, it’s vital that you track employee productivity.

Tracking employee productivity gives you essential information regarding what employees are doing on the clock.

Continue reading to learn 7 ways businesses monitor employee productivity.

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If you’re a fleet manager, you know that operating and managing fleets come with a range of costs. Direct costs are funds that are sent directly to finance and operate the fleet and are closely related to the fleet itself. Under the umbrella of direct costs are fixed direct costs that are consistent month to month and year to year, such as financing the fleet, paying for insurance, paying taxes and other fees, and operating costs including employee wages.

In addition to fixed costs, variable costs compromise a significant portion of funds allocated to fleets. One of the biggest variable costs is fuel prices. Depending on the mileage your fleet puts in month to month, along with the cost of fuel, fuel costs can fluctuate. Other variable costs include maintenance, breakdowns, replacing tires, paying fines, tolls, along with incentives and meal allowances for drivers.

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