Fuel economy is essential to businesses, regardless of the state of gas prices. But, with gas prices still remaining high, improving fuel economy and saving on fuel costs is even more important. Because fuel is a major cost for any business that relies on fleets, saving even marginal amounts of money on fuel can go a long way. In this article, we’ll go over factors that affect fleet fuel economy and one easy step to improving the fuel economy of your fleet.

Factors that Affect Fuel Economy

 Driver behavior

Driver behavior is a major factor in determining fuel economy. Poor driving behavior unnecessarily wastes fuel and costs your business money. Poor driving behavior that wastes fuel includes things like speeding, fast accelerations, and hard braking, all of which burns more gas, while also putting a heavier burden on the engine.

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Allowing employees to take home company vehicles is necessary for some situations. While it is unavoidable in some cases and convenient in others, it presents unique challenges. Although the benefit or necessity of allowing employees to take home company vehicles may outweigh the cons of forbidding it, there are some ways employers can better manage take-home vehicles for employees and avoid some of the challenges. Here are some tips to manage take-home company vehicles.
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GPS tracking is a versatile technology with many uses in a variety of businesses, including construction sites. Installing GPS tracking into your construction work vehicles and equipment can safe your business a lot of money and support your bottom line by reducing theft, monitoring driver behavior, reducing fuel costs, and more.  Below are three major ways how GPS tracking can benefit your construction site.

Theft of Equipment

 Construction vehicles and equipment are the major asset for every construction company, and replacing them can be expensive, ultimately cutting into your bottom line. Whether it’s robbers breaking into the construction site under the cover of night or workers taking equipment home with them, theft is a serious problem in construction.

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