GPS fleet tracking is a revolutionary tech solution that’s being implemented by every kind of organization, including non-profits. This useful technology can benefit non-profit organizations in many ways. It can help reduce maintenance costs, fuel costs, optimize routes, improve service delivery, and even enhance driver accountability.

What is GPS Fleet Tracking?

GPS fleet tracking utilizes GPS devices to show the real-time location of vehicles and transmit additional data that can be used to improve the organization. The location of vehicles and other data is sent to a dispatcher or fleet manager who can monitor the activity of the fleet in real time.

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There is a wide range of shuttle services available including employee shuttle services, airport shuttle services, assisted living shuttle services, resort shuttle services, and more. Each of these services is necessary to get passengers from point A to point B.

While the demand for shuttle services is constant, the logistics of shuttle services can provide challenges that can make or break a business.

Managers need to stay on top of everything from changing schedules to driver availability, shuttle maintenance, and route management to ensure that the bottom line is supported and customers are satisfied.

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The time when your teen starts driving can be a freeing one for both parents and teens. You don’t have to worry about scheduling time to pick them up and drop them off for all of their appointments anymore. Yet, this can also be a worrisome time because you don’t know if your teen is being safe on the road.

So what are the causes of teen driving accidents and what can you, as a parent, do about it?

Driver inexperience. Even if your teen is a good and confident driver, driver inexperience is a huge obstacle that takes time to overcome. When dangerous or even everyday situations arise, they may not act as safely as an inexperienced driver, leading to a potential accident.

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