Auto financing companies provide individuals and businesses with access to vehicles they need for daily use. However, vehicles are expensive assets and there’s always risk involved when loaning or leasing a vehicle.

Recent advancements in telematics and GPS tracking software have transformed the auto financing industry, providing companies with ways to reduce costs, reduce risk, and ultimately drive up profits. Below, we’ll go over some of the ways GPS tracking can improve auto financing.

Loan Payments

Every lender worries about loan payments, or the failure to do so. When borrowers don’t repay their loans on time, it carries a risk of damage to assets, especially when the lender isn’t able to locate the vehicle.

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Unlike how some TV shows and movies make it out to be, private investigation isn’t easy and it often involves loads of research, canvassing, and surveillance. When it comes down to it, private investigating is no easy feat and people working in the field could generally use as much help as they can get.

GPS tracking is one such tool that has completely transformed the private investigation industry, allowing PIs to gather essential data and information with less legwork and research on their end. Below, we’ll go over how GPS tracking can help with private investigations.


 One of the best uses of GPS tracking for private investigations is for tracking individuals. As an investigator, you can track individuals, their belongings, and equipment with covert GPS trackers, allowing you to watch their movements and get updates on their real-time location. This application of GPS trackers can provide valuable evidence that can help with child custody cases, infidelity, and more.

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You’ve seen the increases in prices, just about everything is more costly than it was a year ago. While some inflation is normal, costs rising this steeply can hurt your business. Car insurance and fleet vehicle insurance have continued to climb as well and it’s expected to continue to increase into 2024. Below, we’ll dive into some reasons that could affect whether fleet insurance will continue to go up next year and what you can do about it as a fleet owner or manager.

What’s Causing Fleet Vehicle Insurance to Increase?

 Inflation is a main cause of the rise in fleet vehicle insurance that influences (and in some cases is caused by) all of the reasons below. Inflation is the process of a currency losing value. Problems with the supply chain, increased industry costs, and worker shortages can all contribute to inflation. Here are other reasons that fleet vehicle insurance may continue to rise in 2024.

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