How Logging Companies Can Benefit from GPS Fleet Tracking

14 Nov 2016

GPS fleet tracking offers many benefits to logging companies that improve your public image and boost your bottom line. If you aren’t already using this amazing technology for your logging company, these are a few things you might be missing out on.

Improving Your Company’s Safety Record

Improved safety can help you save money on auto insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, vehicle repairs, and medical treatments. It also helps to improve public perception of your business and drivers.

How does GPS tracking help with this?

You can set your GPS fleet tracking system to notify you when certain events take place in your trucks. This can include fast accelerations, hard braking, speeding, swerving, erratic driving, and even driving outside of a designated area. The more you know about what’s going on with your driver, the better able you will be to make the positive changes you desire for your logging company.

Rerouting Efficiently to Avoid Delays

Delays can be costly. Many logging companies do the bulk of their work on highways and small country roads. A traffic accident can have things slowed down or completely stalled for hours.

GPS tracking can help you reroute around the traffic efficiently so that your drivers are making deliveries and not left sitting in traffic.

You can reroute around auto accidents, trains, and other delays so you can keep your logs moving in the right direction.

Scheduling Deliveries More Accurately

The ability to plan your work day within small windows of time means that little time is wasted, on either side of the equation, waiting on the other. It helps boost productivity for both sides and doesn’t leave either side feeling slighted by being forced to wait on the other before moving forward with their plans for the day.

GPS tracking can estimate how long it will take trucks to get from point A to point B accounting for speed limits, road construction, traffic, weather, and more. This helps to provide better estimates. It also helps to eliminate employee time wastes, such as personal errands, unscheduled pit stops, and napping between jobs because it provides real time updates regarding the exact locations of the trucks throughout the day.

Keeping Your Maintenance Up to Date and On Track

Vehicle maintenance is one of those areas where many logging companies could use a little help. Regular maintenance keeps trucks in good working condition and can increase the lifespan of the trucks.

More importantly, it helps to prevent many accidents and offers the opportunity to get ahead of potential mechanical problems before they have the chance to cause serious damage to your trucks. Over time, this can help your business get extra years of service from your vehicles while paying for fewer repairs or maintenance-related accidents in the meantime.

With so many things working in your favor by using GPS fleet tracking for your logging company, what on earth are you waiting for? Contact us here at LiveView GPS for your GPS fleet tracking needs. 1-888-544-0494



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