GPS Tracking Helps Fleets Obey Laws When Operating Across Multiple State Lines

3 Jul 2017

When your fleet operates across many state lines and jurisdictions, things can get confusing quickly when it comes to compliance. While there are federal guidelines for safety and several regulations regarding fleet operations, several states have laws that impose additional requirements on drivers.

Not only can GPS fleet tracking help you manage your fleet through multiple jurisdictions, but it can also alert you to unsafe driving practices, changing regulations across state lines, and improve compliance with local traffic laws.

In January 2017, Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety released its annual Roadmap of State Highway Safety Laws, which offers comprehensive breakdown of variations in traffic laws from one state to the next.

Knowing these differences can help you manage your fleet safely and compliantly throughout the country. However, a solid GPS fleet management system can accomplish the same goal, allowing you to focus your time and attention toward more profitable pursuits.

The report made a few striking revelations, including the following facts from 2015, including:

If safety is a primary concern within your organization, you certainly want to make the investment in GPS fleet tracking to monitor your drivers. This can be used to help monitor driving practices, log time behind the wheel, stay on top of maintenance needs for your vehicles, and notify you of dangerous driving behaviors such as speeding, hard braking, swerving, and other erratic or aggressive behaviors. It may even help you reduce your insurance costs, conserve fuel, and do other things that will help your fleet operate more efficiently.

If you’re operating across multiple jurisdictions and state lines, though, the investment in a GPS fleet management system is even more critical as it allows you to seamlessly make adjustments that will keep your drivers and trucks in compliance with local laws without requiring you to have an encyclopedic knowledge of what’s going on at all times. The key point is that it is best for you to know you’re in compliance with local traffic laws, wherever you may be, than to hope you are. The right GPS system for fleet tracking can help you send your drivers across state lines with confidence.

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