GPS Tracking for Golf Carts

25 May 2017

Golf carts are incredibly versatile machines that are gaining a lot of attention these days for prowess off the golf course as well as on it. In fact, some housing communities and municipalities are allowing golf carts to be used on the street as long as they’ve been retrofitted with certain safety enhancements. They are a popular choice for residents of planned communities that have all the amenities close at hand because they operate on batteries, produce no emissions, and offer an affordable transportation option to residents. Plus, on golf courses around the country, golf carts rule.

Using GPS for Golf Carts

Whether you’re riding the cart path of your favorite golf course or you’re riding the downtown streets of Small Town, USA you will find that GPS can be quite useful. These are just a few of the ways, GPS tracking in your golf cart can be beneficial.

For Golfers

Golfers can enjoy knowing their cart, clubs, etc. are more secure by engaging GPS tracking technology on your personal golf carts that allow you to actively track the movements of your golf cart whenever it leaves a predefined barrier or GPS location. In the event your cart is stolen you can work with police to recover it quickly thanks to the beauty of live GPS tracking.

For Community Dwellers

Riding a golf cart around your housing community or even in many small municipalities, allows you to enjoy access to all the modern conveniences without worries about someone absconding with your personal golf cart. You’ve invested money and time and energy into choosing the perfect cart to meet your needs for getting around the neighborhood. Unfortunately, most golf carts do not come equipped with anti-theft devices so they make attractive targets for thieves.

While GPS tracking is not an anti-theft device, per se, it does serve as a deterrent to thieves and provides live tracking so law enforcement can quickly recover your cart. Additionally, you can set alerts to inform you if your golf cart becomes active during designated sleep hours or leaves a defined perimeter you will be notified so you can take appropriate action.

Whether you’re a golf lover or simply someone who wants to slow things down a bit and enjoy a more relaxed pace of life, golf carts can be a great tool for getting around and getting more from your game. Protect your investment with GPS tracking so your golf cart will be there for you when you want or need it most.

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