GPS Tracking for Floral Delivery Services

13 Feb 2020

GPS tracking is more than a lifeline for stranded drivers. For businesses that deliver, like floral delivery services companies, it can mean the difference between satisfied, completely delighted customers, and negative reviews and refund requests. It’s a big deal for deliveries to go to the wrong location, miss the mark, or arrive late. In fact, it can kill a business quickly. But that’s not the only way GPS tracking benefits floral delivery services. These are a few other ways your floral delivery business can benefit from GPS tracking.

Allow Customers to Track Deliveries and Deal Perfectly Timed Follow-Up Calls

Sometimes floral deliveries accompany important questions that require immediate follow-up. Give your customers the opportunity to time their follow-up questions and commentaries perfectly to the tune of your flower deliveries by allowing them to track their deliveries via GPS. Then they know exactly when and where the delivery is made so they can move on to work their magic.

Make More Deliveries in the Course of a Day

GPS fleet tracking can aid in route planning in such a way that you can work more deliveries into the course of your day even while operating fewer vehicles and employing fewer delivery drivers. This can save your business big money and help you get a greater return on investment from your labor pool. Everyone makes more money when your business operates at maximum efficiency and GPS tracking can help your floral delivery service do just that.

Monitor Temperatures Inside Delivery Vans

Some flowers and plants are delicate creatures that prefer precise temperatures to avoid wilting. Especially during the warmer summer months. If you have a temperature controlled delivery vehicle, your GPS tracking system can also monitor temperatures and notify you instantly if the temperatures aren’t tracking as they should be.

Keep Your Delivery Drivers in Line

Out of control drivers are bad news for your business. GPS fleet tracking can monitor the speed and other behavior of your drivers to protect your reputation among other people on the road, avoid accidents, and reduce risks of damaging the delicate plants and flowers they deliver. You can also rest assured that drivers are sticking to the routes they’re assigned and not asleep at the wheel on company time with GPS tracking that will notify you if they remain too long at a single stop or stray from their routes.

GPS tracking won’t solve all the problems floral delivery services face in a day, but it sure can address many of them.

If you own or manage a floral delivery service, contact us here at LiveViewGPS at 1-888-544-0494 to learn more about how a GPS fleet tracking solution can propel your business forward.

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