How Emergency Medical Services Companies Can Benefit from GPS Fleet Tracking

26 Sep 2016

EMS companies perform vital services for your communities. Sometimes at great cost to the company and the men and women you employ. You have enormous responsibilities and lives often depend on the prompt arrival and attention of your drivers.

What you may not know is that GPS fleet tracking can help you save money, improve community relations, and save lives more efficiently. It works by helping your business in all the following ways and more.

Frequent Map Updates

Many communities today are experiencing unprecedented growth. New houses, businesses, and developments are cropping up daily – creating a logistical nightmare for businesses that operate on old or outdated maps. GPS fleet tracking systems update their maps frequently to help keep your drivers up to date and getting to their intended destinations in a timely fashion.

When lives are on the line, you can’t afford to follow the wrong directions or go to the wrong location. GPS fleet tracking will get you to the right location fast.

Real Time Access to Traffic and Weather

EMS services operate in all kinds of weather and traffic. GPS fleet tracking provides real-time information on weather and traffic so that you can route your drivers around the worst of traffic and weather so they and their precious cargo arrive safely and swiftly.

Live traffic rerouting can prevent your EMS vehicles from getting stuck in traffic that is at a standstill. Weather reports can help you stay abreast of what road conditions ahead are likely to resemble.

Faster Response Times in Crisis

Because some disasters create unintended consequences, like downed power lines, flash flooding, and uprooted trees, it is often necessary to reroute on the go. GPS fleet tracking can provide fast rerouting information. It is much quicker at responding and rerouting when things happen that impede your progress.

The seconds and minutes that are saved by quickly routing around various hazards on the road can be instrumental in saving lives. More than that, it will endear you to the community you serve making you a popular choice among the locals.

Better Record Keeping

Once the emergency is over and lives have been saved or people have been safely delivered to the appropriate hospital or other location, the task of sorting out costs begin. Because GPS fleet tracking tracks each trip mile for mile and turn for turn, you can provide accurate billing information for your patients should disputes arise. It also provides visual proof that you made the trip and help you itemize your costs for the trip as well.

Good record keeping isn’t all about billing, though. GPS fleet tracking can help you keep up with vehicle maintenance, driver hours, fuel consumption, idle times, route departures, and more.  With so many reasons to consider GPS fleet tracking for EMS services, the big question is why haven’t you made it an essential part of your EMS business?

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