Better Wreath and Christmas Tree Deliveries with GPS Tracking

3 Dec 2015

Delivering Christmas trees and wreaths is different from other businesses that make consistent deliveries day in and out. Over time, primarily non-seasonal businesses work out the most efficient, and cost-effective routes. But routes that only operate seasonally often require assistance in order to work out the best possible routes. That’s where GPS fleet tracking services can help.

These are just a few ways that GPS fleet tracking services can help your Christmas tree and Wreath deliveries.

Eliminate Wasted Mileage

While most businesses understand the ability GPS tracking technology has to enable more cost-effective delivery of items, many have yet to understand the benefit of telematics for improving the speed of delivery. Think of it as dispatch software that allows you to create the most efficient delivery routes available to you.

The benefits of this are numerous. Not only are you able to eliminate unnecessary mileage and time between deliveries, which saves on fuel costs, but you are also able to conserve man hours, which cuts the labor costs for your business. When combined, these two factors result in increased profitability for your wreath and christmas tree delivery business, which is very seasonal.

Faster Deliveries Equals Fresher Trees and Wreaths

This is often an unintended side effect of more efficient deliveries, but one your customers are sure to appreciate. Since most trees are harvested within a day of shipping, faster delivery means fresher trees. This translates to trees that retain their needles better, stay fresher, and produce stronger fragrances longer than other trees. Wreaths often have a little working time in between harvesting and delivery, which makes faster delivery even more critical, and better appreciated, by those who purchase wreaths.

Keep Track of Your Inventory

Sadly enough, Christmas is a time of year wrought with economic hardship for all. Petty crimes often rise this time of year and Christmas trees and wreaths sometimes make convenience targets. By using your tracking equipment on deliveries or individual trees in special cases, it is possible to quickly identify trees that have been stolen so that recovery is possible.

The other benefit of tracking individual trees is that you know how many trees you have in stock

and can identify buying trends from year to year. This allows you the opportunity to plan your inventory better in future years based on actual data rather than gut feelings. Reduces

Environmental Impact of Delivery

Most trees farmers care about the planet. Planning more efficient routing and delivery means that less emissions are polluting the planet from the conduct of your business. It’s definitely something you can feel good about.

With all these reasons to consider the benefit of GPS fleet services for your Christmas tree or wreath delivery business, maybe it’s time to make this investment in your business.

Are you a tree farmer or in the business of delivering Christmas trees and wreaths? If yes, give us a call at 1-888-502-3636 here at LiveViewGPS to speak with a representative about how GPS tracking technology can help your seasonal business.



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