7-Year Old Girl Designs GPS Tracking Bully Bracelet

29 Aug 2017

A 7-year old girl from Fort Myers has found a way to help bullied kids.

Soon to be River Hall Elementary School’s second grader, Paisley Chapman, says she doesn’t like it when she sees her classmates being bullied. Therefore, she’s decided to create a smart bracelet that will help with this issue.

Paisley first announced her bracelet at a science fair in which she calls the “Bully Bracelet”. Although she walked away at the science fair with first place, what really inspired her to come up with her invention came up close to her home where she went through a certain experience.

She said, her friend was being bullied at school and this bothered her tremendously. Therefore, she came home from school upset and asked herself what she could do about this. She came up with the idea of making a bully bracelet that helps children stop getting bullied and stop killing themselves.

She then went on to begin brainstorming her Bully Bracelet and how it will work.

Each bracelet will be equipped with a GPS tracking device, she said and whenever a kid is being bullied, that kid can press a button on their bracelet that alerts the school’s main office informing the office where the bullying is going on so they can step in and stop the bullying in its tracks.

However, according to Paisley, that’s not the only thing her bracelet will do.

In addition, the bully bracelet will also have the child’s parent’s phone number on it, the child’s lunch money on it and the child’s allergies on it.

Not to mention, if anyone tried to steal the kid’s Bully Bracelet in order to buy their school lunch with it, they won’t be able to since the bracelet will have the picture of the owner on it and that picture will pop up on a screen each time it’s used to buy lunch.

But, the main goal for Paisley with this bracelet is to stop bullying.

“To get the word out and to get the bully bracelet to have someone make it would be nice and where they can buy it so that we can help stop bullying,” she said.

She went on to say that she loves when she does that since she knows she’s helping other kids worldwide.

The Bully Bracelet, at this point, is simply a concept; however, she has a provisional patent as well as a close friend of the Chapman’s working on a prototype of the bracelet so they are able to market it to investors.

Paisley is hoping to be able to introduce her “Bully Bracelet” on the Ellen DeGeneres Show to the nation someday.

And, she believes that with help from investors, kids will wear the Bully Bracelet one day all across the country.



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