GPS Tracking Used in Lawn Cutting Robot Leads to Equipment Thieves

Most people know of GPS tracking as a tool to help them get directions. Whether it is driving directions to make appointments or find unfamiliar places or directions to buried treasure in exciting locations via geocaching. But, some people are learning that this is a tool that offers many more exciting and practical benefits.

One such instance involves lawn cutting robots. GPS tracking not only helps these robots understand the perimeters where they should mow when in use, but can also be used to notify owners of these expensive lawncare tools if the mower has been stolen.

More importantly, the GPS installed on robotic lawn mowers can notify owners whenever the mower moves beyond a specific battery by sending text message or email alerts instantly.  Additionally, the GPS offers live tracking allowing owners to follow the precise location of the mowers, so they can contact law enforcement to resolve the situation.

This is exactly what happened when a lawn cutting robot was stolen in Dallas.

When a lawn cutting robot was stolen. The robot sent a message to the owner of the robot notifying him that the lawn mowing robot was moving a little faster than it should – and not where it was supposed to be.

After a little detective work, the owner was able to isolate the location where the robot was taken and notify the police. This story has a happy ending, though as the robot was returned to its owner and the police were able to apprehend the thieves and recover not only the stolen robots, but also other items that had been stolen by the couple.

As for the robot, it earned a nice little break from its responsibilities while being cleaned up and prepared for going back into service doing what it was built to do, cut lawns.

This story could have had a decidedly different ending had the robot not been equipped with live GPS tracking capabilities. Many of the items recovered at the scene are believed to have been stolen property as well, but these items were not equipped with GPS tracking and returning them to their owners will be much more difficult. This is yet another reason to consider installing GPS tracking on your valuable tools and toys.

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