10 Ways to Reduce Your 2020 Auto Insurance Cost

7 Jan 2020

10 Ways to Reduce Your 2020 Auto Insurance Cost

Insurance is one of those things most people purchase hoping they’ll never need to use it. That being said, while no one wants to be without it at that critical moment when it becomes necessary, you also do not want to pay more for your auto insurance than is necessary. These 10 things can help you save on your car insurance.

  1. Bundle insurance coverages. Whether you have multiple cars, or you own or rent a home in addition to your car; combining your auto coverages or your home and auto coverage with the same insurance provider can save you money.
  2. Shop around. Comparing prices is another way you can avoid paying more than necessary for the coverage you need. A general rule of thumb is to request quotes from at least three different agencies and then making apples to apple comparisons before deciding.
  3. Consider insurance when purchasing vehicles. Compare costs on the type of vehicle you’re considering when shopping around for a car. You’ll find that some cars have higher insurance rates than others. Consider vehicles with higher safety ratings that are at modest price points. Choose wisely.
  4. Spend less time driving. The fewer miles you put on your vehicle, the less risk you pose to insurers. They love people who live near their work or school and spend very little time in the car. They reward them with lower premiums.
  5. Avoid the convenience fees of monthly payments by paying every six or 12 months instead. These convenience fees add up and can cost more than you realize over the course of a year.
  6. Drive safely. Defensive driving is a huge benefit for drivers. Insurance companies reward drivers who have not filed claims with lower premiums.
  7. Invest in GPS tracking. Car theft costs insurance companies a lot of money each year. The Insurance Information Institute reports that nearly six million dollars were lost to motor vehicle theft in 2018 alone. GPS tracking not only helps to prove you were driving safely at the time of an accident, but it can also aid in the swift recovery of stolen cars. Two things insurance companies really love and appreciate.
  8. Manage teen drivers wisely. Add your teen driver to your existing policy rather than buying a separate policy. It will cost considerably less to do it this way. Also, make sure your teen keeps his or her grades up to qualify for additional discounts.
  9. Ask to increase your deductible. A higher deductible tells insurance companies you’re taking on a larger burden of risk. As far as they are concerned this means you’ll drive more carefully. Something they are willing to reward with discounted rates.
  10. Improve your credit. One of the biggest game-changers when it comes to insurance is your credit score. It’s also a bit of an open secret. It’s not something insurance companies necessarily discuss, but it does have a substantial impact on how premiums are rated and how much you’ll ultimately pay for your auto insurance.

These 10 steps can help you save a bundle on your auto insurance. Try them today and see what a difference they make for you.

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