PT-10 Information

The PT-10 Pro Plus 15 amp hour battery will provide you with a minimum of 100 MOTION hours of tracking.

To set up the PT-10 for use with the extended battery, please do the following, steps 1-8:

Step #1: Remove belt clip from PT-10 device, as well as the cover plate screw with the included hex screwdriver (reference 1 below).

Step #2: Remove the standard internal battery from the PT-10.

Step #3: Insert extended battery adapter into battery compartment of PT-10. Line-up contact of adapter with PT-10 contacts.

Step #4: Check remaining battery life by pushing button on adapter.

Step #5: Insert the previously removed cover screw to secure housing. The cover is not needed for operation.

With The PRO Plus battery, our goal was to design the MOST battery power we could possibly fit into the standard magnetic mount case. To get a 15 amp hour battery in the case, the following steps should be taken to protect the integrity of the PT device.

Step #6: Place the PT and the battery in the waterproof bag. Then seal the bag tightly. It is imperative to follow this step as this is what makes the kit waterproof.

Step #7: Remove the inner padding from the magnetic mount case to make room for the PT and battery.

Step #8: Put the sealed PT and battery in the case. The battery should be facing the bottom and the PT should be facing the top side of the case. Close and latch the case. your device is now ready for use.

HINT: The fit will be tight. When sealing the device and battery in the case, take the excess top section of the bag, roll it down, and tuck it to the side of the PT, this helps when putting it into the case.

Recharging The PT-10 Pro Plus Battery:

Step #1: Connect charge cable to charge port on PT adapter (round).

Step #2: Connect wall charger to power source. The LED on the wall charger will initially be red. When the battery is charged, the led on the wall charger turns green.

Approximate Charge times: PT-10 Pro Battery, 9 hrs. PT-10 Pro Plus Battery, 15 hours.

***Use only the supplied charger to charge the PT-10 extended battery. The extended battery will not charge from the USB port of the PT-10, use ONLY the adapter port piece to charge the PT***

If you plan to use the PT-10 Pro and Pro Plus battery with the included magnetic mount case - this is very important! Please Read The Magnetic Case Section.