PT-10 GPS Tracking Device

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The single biggest dilemma confronting a battery-operated product of this nature is managing the delicate balance between battery life and update performance. Everyone wants the fastest update possible so they can see the device as it moves in real-time. The problem is that faster updates burn more battery...and packing additional battery into a device increases cost, weight, and size.

Other products on the market are comparatively primitive, solving the battery dilemma by providing 2-minute, 5-minute, or even 15-minute updates. Some are even “ping” based, updating their location only when you specifically ask for it. The problem with such slow updates is that they cannot provide a historical playback to enable you to see (with any degree of accuracy) where the GPS tracking device has been.

Conversely, the PT-10 provides real-time 10-second updates, recording history for later playback so that you can see everywhere the device has been – even if you weren't watching at the time. We balance the need for long battery life by embedding an on-board motion sensor, enabling the device to power off and conserve power after 120 seconds of no movement. The instant the device moves, it powers back up, reconnects, and resumes transmission.

Using this method, the PT-10 doesn't last X number of hours after a charge. Rather, it lasts approximately 8 hours of actual movement time. If a device on a vehicle only moves 1 hour per day, the battery will last approximately 8 days on a single charge.

If it moves 2 hours per day, the battery will last roughly 4 days. If it moves nonstop, it will last about 8 hours.

Bearing this in mind, we must also mention that the motion sensor is incredibly sensitive to vibration – even a passing vehicle may vibrate the vehicle on which the PT-10 is installed enough to wake it.

Under normal circumstances this isn't a problem, as the PT-10 will go back to sleep after 120 seconds of no movement, but if the vehicle is parked on a busy street it can lead to a dramatically reduced operating period for that specific battery charge. If you're aware beforehand that this may be the case, it might be wise to purchase an extended battery kit to enable your PT-10 to operate for a longer period of time between charges.

Motion Hours are a unit of LVPGS battery measurement, whereby device battery will last in time based on movement hours.