PT-10 GPS Tracking Device

Live Trac Map Help

I just activated my service. Why doesn't my device show on the map?

The device cannot show its location on the map until after it makes its first transmission. Take the device for a drive and it should immediately begin tracking.

Why is my PT-10 not transmitting its location?

The biggest issue we see is device placement. The PT needs to see at least 3 satellites to make an accurate position update, if it does not it will not transmit its location. If you are seeing low satellite counts on your historical playback (3-4 range), more than likely it is related to positioning.

The second biggest issue is improper placement in magnetic mount case. The top of the PT must always be placed inside the case with the top facing up. Click To View Proper Placement.

My map screen shows where the device was yesterday. Today itis in a completely different place, but the map still shows the old location. Are the satellites down?

The satellites don't go down. The problem is that the device has not transmitted its location to the server since the last location shown on the map. Either (A) the device does not have power, (B) it doesn't have a view of the sky (and therefore cannot calculate its location), or (C) the device is in an area with no wireless data service, and therefore cannot transmit its location.

We recommend a physical inspection of the device. It is possible the SIM door (the tab on the right side of the device which covers the SIM card) may be open, the device may be turned off, or the GPS receiver may be turned off on the device.

My device/devices were moving on the map at 60 mph and suddenly they stopped moving in the middle of the highway. Is your system down?

Our system isn't down. It's far more likely your browser has disconnected from (lost its socket connection to) our server. Users of wireless networks are more likely to experience this problem than users on physical wired connections. Simply log back into the website to reconnect to our server and see current locations of your vehicles.

How should to PT-10 be placed in the magnetic case?

Please ensure sure that the top of the PT-10 is facing up, and the side with the belt clip is down towards the magnet.

How long does the battery need to be charged?

PT-10 Internal: 8 hrs.
PT-10 Pro: 9 hrs
PT-10 Pro Plus: 15 hrs

Do I put the back cover back on the PT-10 when using the extended battery?

No, the back cover does not go on when using the extended battery, you will need to use the included rubber band to attach the battery to the device.

Where should I place the PT-10 under the vehicle?

Every vehicle is different, so we cannot give an exact spot, but we always recommend putting the device as far towards the back center of the vehicle as possible. Make sure the device is attached to steel.

Can I charge the extended battery from the charging port on the PT10?

No, you must use the extended battery charger to charge that battery, you cannot charge it through the tracking device.

How strong is the magnet on the magnetic mount case?

The magnet has 80 lbs of pull, it is a very strong magnet.

What cell phone service does the PT-10 work with?

The PT-10 uses an AT&T data connection to transmit information.