PT-10 GPS Tracking Device

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Whether you are using the PT-10 as a standalone device, or with the extended batteries. Here are some helpful recommendations:

When Using The PT-10 Under A Vehicle with the magnetic mount case:

The PT magnetic mount cases has an 80 lb pull magnet attached to it. Under normal driving conditions the case will not easily fall the vehicle. However with that in mind the magnetic mount:

MUST BE SECURED TO A STEEL SECTION OF THE VEHICLE - Not a gas tank, or under a fender, or on anything other than STEEL - like the frame of a vehicle.

The optimal position when deploying the magnetic mount case under a vehicle is attaching the case to a steel frame, with the top of the magnetic mount case mounted in a horizontal manner, facing the ground (again, inside the case be sure the top of the PT unit faces the top if the case).

Best posiiton for PT-10 GPS tracker when placed under a vehicle

Using The PT-10 Inside A Vehicle: (with or without magnetic mount case)

Inside a vehicle the top of the PT must face the sky - upwards. We have tested the PT in the spare tire area of the trunks of different vehicles and it has worked flawlessly. (Toyota, Honda, Lexus, Mercedes, etc).

Our recommended and BEST spot inside a vehicle is on or under the front dash area of the vehicle, clip or battery side of the PT, facing down! Top side of the PT facing up. The PT works well in the glove box of most vehicles. Other good areas, include under the rear deck, of the rear window, as found on most passenger vehicles (usually accessed from the trunk of the vehicle).

Best position for the PT-10 when placing inside a vehicle