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icon Live Trac G5 Vehicle Tracking
Live Trac G5 Hardwired Vehicle Tracker

The G5 is a next generation live vehicle tracking system, providing you with 10 second vehicle tracking. The G5 combines into one small package - a highly sensitive GPS receiver that works where other GPS vehicle tracking systems fail.

Your Satisfaction Is Assured Through Our No Risk 100%, Ironclad Money-Back Guarantee.

Live Trac Web Tracking Portal

GPS Tracking For AVL/Fleet Business Tracking:

Reduce Overtime & Labor Costs:

The G5 will allow you to monitor what time your employees started, arrived and left each and every stop throughout the day. How many miles were driven, how long they idled, were they speeding? Did they drive into an area they were not supposed to be in? Did they stop off at any locations that were not authorized?

Auto Alerts - Vehicle Management:

When the system is properly set-up, manages itself by alerting you of events in the field. Reports can be generated on a regular basis to provide a detailed an very accurate snapshot of your drivers and vehicles in the field.

Month-To-Month Service:

No contracts, Live Trac service is billed month to month! There are no long term service commitments, and our devices can be turned off/on on request, with a nominal activation charge. Don't be fooled by companies who require long term commitments, and offer free months of service, etc.

Optimize Driver Routes, Improve Efficiency:

Monitor fuel usage, job costing and overtime, improve your companies efficiency operation factor - and you will see dividends on your G5 investment.

API Kit Available:

An API kit is provided at no cost to qualified commercial accounts, for data integration into any third party system/service.

10 Second Tracking Why?  

You will see a huge Improvement with customer service, and dispatching. The G-5 gives you up to the second position updates allowing you or your dispatch to improve efficiency and productivity. How many more service calls will you be able to squeeze out each day? Over time you will also discover that when you need to view a particular vehicle at a very specific moment - the data you are looking at may not be sufficient, our world is live, shouldn't your tracking system be? Also, consider vehicles that breadcrumb their position by the minute leave room for error, mileage reports can be off by as much as 15%.

Optional SpeedGauge Integration:

Vehicle Speed is the single most significant operational cost variable directly attributable to driver behavior:  How fast drivers choose to drive corresponds directly to the rate and cost of crashes, vehicle wear and tear, and fleet fuel efficiency.  Many managers have only a vague idea of the direct and indirect financial cost of speeding in terns of how it increases the risk of crashes, maintenance, and fuel consumption.

The SpeedGauge integration is an optional add on from LiveViewGPS which goes beyond traditional technologies by bringing exact location of where the driver was speeding and what the actual posted speed limit was at the time of the speeding violation, as well as analysis tools - "Is this particular driver doing better or worse than last week?".  SpeedGauge will provide you with a variety of easy-to-use, point-and-click software tools for fine-tuning precisely how, where, when and to what extent aggressive driving is to be discouraged within a fleet, allowing fleet managers to fine-tune driver behavior in highly granular ways not previously possible.

Get All These Reports:

  • Standard Report/Enhanced Data Report
  • Start/Stop Reports - See Dates/Times/Location Duration Of Stop
  • Stop Start Based On Ignition Or Movement
  • Vapor Trail Report
  • Route Alerts - If vehicle deviates from route system sends alert
  • Ignition Alert
  • State To State Mileage
  • Aggressive Driving
  • Excessive Idling
  • Vehicle Mileage
  • Vehicle Operating Report
  • Start/Stop Reporting Ignition And/Or Movement Based
  • PTO Report(G5 Pro)
  • Speeding Report - also available Optional Speed Gauge Integration

Don't See A Report You Need?  For qualified business accounts, we can create it for you.

Plus All These Features:

State-Of-The-Art Web Based Live GPS Vehicle Tracking System. Integrated With Microsoft's Virtual Earth Mapping System. Our Complete System Will Allow You To:

  • Monitor Your Vehicles From Any Web Enabled Computer
  • Watch Your Vehicles Live - Know Current Speed, Direction Of Travel & Location
  • Group Vehicles By Region, etc.
  • Receive Speed & Boundary Alerts To Any E-mail Or Cellphone Via Text Messaging

GPS Tracking For Personal, Teen Drivers & Family Use:

The G5 is perfect for the new teen driver or family member who needs a little extra monitoring, like an elderly parent.

Specification Sheets:
G5 Spec Sheet

Installation Manual:
G5 Installation Manual

G5 Installation Video:

Product Reviews
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Peace of Mind - Priceless
I began researching and actively pursuing a solution for my enclosed tool trailer for work. I travel all over the country and have had many tools stolen over the years. I had finally gotten to the point I was done with this issue. I purchased the G5 Tracker to go in combination with the car alarm system I installed in my trailer. Powered by a deep cycle battery and 2 solar panels I now have the confidence to leave my trailer at the job site or the hotel and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it will be there when I return or I will have been notified on my phone that it has been tampered with. The G5 features a panic input which I wired to the horn output of the aftermarket car alarm. If the alarm is triggered, my phone goes off. The ignition input is wired to the door switches so that a door open tells the GPS the ignition is off. Door's closed tells it the ignition is on. If a door is opened, the alarm sounds, and my phone goes off. If I don't make it to the trailer by the time the thief drives off with it, I can easily work with authorities to locate it and get my tools and trailer back. The alerts work flawlessly. (Everytime I get into my trailer my phone goes off, which can be changed by editing the times that the notification is active inside your alerts in your account.) It is a fantastic product and for $30 per month it comes in at about the same cost as the Prepaid Phone Method. Keep in mind if this is something you are going to do to your enclosed trailer that the GPS HAS to be located on top of the trailer. I used a Small Sealed Clear Tackle Box to put my GPS on top of my trailer toward the middle so it can't be seen from the ground. The peace of mind is easily worth the $30 per month. I am confident in this system and how it works, as well as the quality and reliability behind it. Quit debating with yourself on whether or not you should. The possibilities are endless as to what you can do with a little creativity and one of these systems. As long as the sale is active I do recommend getting the G5 PRO. It is the same unit with a few more features and a longer backup battery. It is my ONLY regret with this purchase. During the sale it is the same price as the G5. As I said before, quit thinking about it, just buy one (or 5!)
Posted By Newton Fincher on March 18, 2014
Love it
Great device . Highly Recommended . it's worth every penny
Posted By Lee on September 17, 2013
I own a small HVAC company with three service vans. after installing a G5 in all three of my vans I found out that one of my techs eats at sit down restaurants on a daily basis he's not eating fast food while driving between jobs like he's been claiming on his time sheets. considering that him and his helper are being paid a combined $30 per hr their lunch's were costing me an average $90 per week. Besides this there are other things I've been made aware of only after installing the gps devices, I wish I would have done this A LONG time ago.
Posted By Steve Spears on August 1, 2010
Our Sharp Third Eye
What a great device the G5 is! On the very first day we activated it, we saw our delivery driver taking our van home for "bathroom breaks." We caught him in a lie saying he was on his way to a delivery stop when in fact he had just left it! We should have done this a long time ago! Thanks, Liveview!
Posted By Vincent P. on July 1, 2010
New Product Release June 7, 2010
The G5 is the latest addition to our Live Trac series GPS trackers. The G5 is a performer, acquires satellites extremely fast, transmits every 10 seconds, waterproof housing, internal battery backup. We rate it EXCELLENT (In-house rating)
Posted By LiveViewGPS, Inc. on June 6, 2010
icon Live Trac G5 Vehicle Tracking
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G5 GPS Vehicle Tracker
Ultra Fast GPS Tracking
Vehicle & Fleet Tracking System

MSRP: $349.00
SALE PRICE: $239.00 - W/Free Shipping
AVAILABILITY: In Stock: Leaves Warehouse Same Business Day. Ships UPS Ground Free. Additional Shipping Methods Can Be Selected In Checkout.


Activation Fee $19.95

Subscription Plans:

10 Sec Updates - $29.95 per month
5 Sec Updates - $39.95 per month

(Will be selected and billed when you activate device. At time of activation, charges are pro-rated for current month)

Includes: G-5 Unit, Install Instructions, Free Lifetime Technical Support.

Track From Iphone/Ipad/Droid Devices:

Live Trac Mobile Utility Application

100% No Risk Satisfaction Guarantee!

US Coverage Map - United States,
HI, AK Puerto Rico

Also Works In These
International Countries

Comparison G5 Vs. G5-Pro

Compare The G5 To The G5 Pro

G5 Standard Information:

G-5 Specification

G-5 Install Manual

G5 Web User Guide:

G-5 Web User Guide

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