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Live Portable GPS Tracker Live Trac PT-10

The Live Trac PT-10 GPS Tracker Is Simply Amazing! Unlike Other GPS trackers that update in minutes, the PT-10 UPDATES Every 10 SecondsWhen Travelling Over 10 mph - or Every 20 feet when walking!

Whether you are tracking your child, an elderly parent, your teen driver or even your company vehicles, the PT-10 is the easiest LIVE Internet GPS tracking device to use in the world.

Ten Compelling Reasons Why You Need The PT-10 Now...

Reason #1: Super-fast updates are the next best thing to real time!
You will be blown away when you see how fast the Live Trac PT-10 GPS Tracker updates your information. Unlike other devices that update every few minutes, the PT-10 updates every 10 seconds when travelling over 10 mph - and every 20 feet when walking!

Reason #2: You can watch the PT-10 from anywhere in the world
Whether tracking your teenage children, elderly family members or employees in the field, if you have Internet access, you can watch it all LIVE as the PT-10 moves right across your screen. Change map views on the fly and even get a bird's eye view of where the PT-10 is located.

Reason #3: The PT-10 is built for hours of extended operation
The PT-10 only powers on when it has been moved over 20 feet or travels more than 10 miles per hour, so there's no needless wasting of its battery power. Even better, the PT-10 will give you up to 8 HOURS of operation under continuous motion! The PT-10 even turns itself off when it is not moving!

Reason #4: The PT-10 is the most portable device of its kind!
You can take the Live Trac PT-10 GPS Tracker anywhere you need to go! The device is 100% portable so it can move easily from car to car or person to person. There are no cumbersome wires anywhere on the device.

Reason #5: The PT-10 is completely rechargeable
This GPS is always ready when you are because it is totally re-chargeable. Simply plug the PT-10 into any computer and charge it with the included USB charging cable! No computer with USB, no problem. We also include a 120 VAC wall charger! Our web interface will even let you know how much battery life is remaining when you login online.

Reason #6: It logs and stores all positions for easy playback.
Need to know where the PT-10 has been without a shadow of a doubt? Good news - the device stores and records all position points, so at anytime, you can login and watch a 90 DAY HISTORICAL PLAYBACK of everywhere the PT-10 has been!

Reason #7: Get customized alerts and notifications
The PT-10 will notify you immediately via email or SMS text message when the device enters or exits areas that you designate on the interface map. It can even tell you if the PT-10 exceeds the speed thresholds you set - helping you monitor the driving of your teen-age children. Want to know when the PT-10 is on the move? Simply set a speed threshold of 3 mph, and it will notify you when things start rolling. You set the parameters and the PT-10 does the rest!

Reason #8: The PT-10 is easier to use than a cell phone!
There are no buttons to press, no switches to set incorrectly...simply charge the PT-10 and let it do its thing. There's no software no install because the PT-10 is configured to work right out of the box. It's that simple!

Reason #9: Low Monthly Subscription - NO CONTRACTS!
The PT-10 has one service level: UNLIMITED USE for only $39.95 per month! Subscriptions are month to month and we'll never lock you into any long term contracts!

The PT-10 streams data live - that you can watch from any Iphone/Ipad with the free LiveViewGPS tracking app. There is a small additional monthly fee to use the app - as it uses Google Maps (and Google charges us a per month/device fee to use their maps in our Ipad/Iphone application. Yes, we had to license the maps to develop the app - and a Google Premiere Edition license is very very expensive).

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  • Dimensions: 3.5" L x 2.08" W x 0.75" D
  • Battery: Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery 1340 mAh 3.7V
  • GSM Channels: 850/1900 (United States) 900/1800 (Europe, Australia, & Middle East)
  • Operating Temperature: -22 degrees F to 158 degrees F
  • GPS Tracking Of Up To 14 Satellites
  • Coverage Area: ATT Digital Cellular Network
  • Average Operating Time: 8 Hrs Continuous Motion
    (i.e. If in a vehicle and vehicle runs 2 hrs per day, the PT-10 will
    operate for about 4 days, without additional extended battery)
  • 10 Second Position Updates When Moving
  • 90 Day Historical Playback
  • Zone Alerts - Set Up To 20 Areas, Get SMS Text Or Email Alerts
  • Monitors Speeds - Alerts When Speed Thresholds Are Exceeded
  • UPC Code: 80487918550

Elderly Tracking, Child Tracking, Teen Driver Tracking, Vehicle/Fleet Tracking, Asset Tracking, Freight Tracking, Covert Tracking.

Works Anywhere In The World! The PT-10 can be configured to work in Australia, Europe, Canada and Mexico!

Stock: The PT-10 is in stock and available for immediate shipping. Orders placed before 4:00 pm PST ship the same business day. Next Day Air and Second Day Air shipping are available.

More PT-10 Videos:

Using The PT-10 With Our Magnetic Mount Case:

Product Reviews
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Amazed compared to what I currently was using
We run a private investigation company and a gps tracker is very crucial this day and time. We were using a (competitor product) I won't name the company the service was provided through. But the most real time updates were like 4-5 minutes apart and when you are in a city that just don't cut it. We bought 1 of these Live Trac PT-10 GPS Tracker professional's with the extended battery and it's head over heals better than anything we have used before. When I called to order the tracker I got a live person by the name of Nick Amelsberg who was very helpful and guided me through the entire process. He promised me that it would be shipped out that Wednesday and arrive to me on that Friday. And Friday got here and the tracker was delivered as promised. Customer service means a lot to me and LiveViewGps and Nick Amelsberg keep up the good work. Thanks guys
Posted By Jerremy Lewis on August 3, 2012
Great Tracking device
Works as advertised. Vehicle is exactly where it is shown on maps. Affordable and covert. I have used other devices but they were nowhere as good as this. Customer service is A-1.
Posted By Karen on March 19, 2012
Works Great !
Works as good as they say, battery will last as they say, never had a problem with log on. Put it in the trunk behind the upholstery near the back window (used velcro) and it works GREAT!. I put duct tape over the yellow light so if the trunk was opened at night the light would not be seen. I love the bird's eye view and historical playback, the liveviewgps system is Incredible! THANKS
Posted By terry lee frazier on December 16, 2011
This thing is awesome, I got my unit yesterday and it works perfectly. I can see which parking spot my car is in. Incredible.
Posted By gpsnavigacije on May 14, 2011
First impressions...AWESOME
On June 18,2009, my mentally retarded daughter was dropped off by her school bus at the wrong site. My wife and I were both at work and had a neighbor waiting at our home bus stop to pick her up. When she didn't arrive, we received a phone call from our neighbor and that's when we started panicking. The school system couldn't reach the bus driver by radio (he had already clocked out and gone home) and we had no idea where our daughter was. After 1 hour 45 minutes they found out that he had dropped her by mistake at a school that was closed for the summer. She managed to somehow get into the building where she was alone in a totally dark room and then locked in by the janitor who didn't know she was there. She was finally found and everything is OK, but we went through HELL during that time not knowing where she was or if she was safe. I needed to make sure this never happened again, The next day I bought a Zoombak device at my local Target store. It worked just OK, but was unreliable and the zone reporting was useless because Zoombak only pings every 15 minutes. So she could arrive at school and go into a building in a couple minutes and it never knew she was there because she wasn't pinged in that short time. Today I tried the PT-10 (with 10 sec updating) alongside the Zoombak unit. There's no comparison. The PT-10 worked flawlessly giving me text messages seconds after she entered each zone I defined while the Zoombak missed all of them. We could literally watch her bus as it made its route to her school. was sensitive enough to "see" the locator in her backpack inside the school building. Totally blew away the Zoombak unit. Now I have to say that I like that the Zoombak unit can be pinged by my cell phone. But if it can't be seen, then what good is that? Bottom line, after one day of testing, the PT-10 is amazing. The ability to play back her movements during the day is awesome. The zone notification feature worked perfectly, sending a text message within seconds of her entering a zone, where Zoombak delays by up to 15 minutes if it even reports at all. Zoombak is cheaper, but you really do get what you pay for with the PT-10. Much, much more to say. Here's the icing on the cake...the staff at LiveviewGPS are really nice and truly go out of their way to help YOU. Shelley, Jamie, George...thanks guys for all your wonderful assistance. A company built on customer service first that just happens to have an amazing product at a very good price. I don't post anonymously, that's my real name.
Posted By Tony Kingkade on June 27, 2009
Best GPS Tracking Device I Ever Used.
I am a Private Investigator and have used numerous gps tracking devices over the last 10 years. By far the PT-10 is the best performing, lowest priced gps tracker I have ever used!
Posted By Michael J. on March 4, 2009
This thing is awesome, I got my unit yesterday and it works perfectly. I can see which parking spot my car is in. Incredible.
Posted By Anonymous Customer on January 31, 2009
Blows away the competition
I have tried other tracking devices sold on "more prominent" websites. After the "entry level" wouldn't budge from the middle of the Pacific Ocean, I was talked into purchasing a more expensive device. Billed as 15 seconds, in reality it was 3-5 minutes behind. And "pinned" spots on the map where the vehicle had never even been! Searched more and found LiveViewGPS - 100% satisfied! Does exactly what they said it would- from day one! Out of the box, up and tracking in 6 hours! Zone and speed alerts are very precise. And the salesman knows the product like he could have built it. Technicians, not college students answer the phone at tracking support and solve your problem WITHOUT talking to their girlfriends on the other line. Historical playback "pink trail" very easy to follow- "breadcrumbs" are for the birds! The PT10 is the device to buy, you can spend more and get less!
Posted By W.C. on December 16, 2008
This is the best tracking device I have ever used!
I wanted to let you know this gps device is unbelievable! I was amazed when I watched it move across my computer screen. I have purchased other gps tracking device from other companies, that did not work. You PT10 has worked flawlessly, thank you.
Posted By Darryl G. on November 13, 2008
PT-10 Debut 9/2/2008
We reviewed the PT-10 under numerous conditions, it performed exceptionally well. The device was placed inside the trunk of a vehicle, and tracked with amazing accuracy. This is a new product that will be available for shipping on Monday, September 8, 2008.
Posted By LiveViewGPS Inc. on September 2, 2008
icon PT-10 Live GPS Tracker
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PT-10 Live Trac
GPS Tracker 10 Second Updates

MSRP: $550.00

SALE PRICE: $199.00 w/FREE Shipping
SKU: PT-10
AVAILABILITY: In Stock: Ships From Our Office Same Business Day. UPS Ground Free. Faster Shipping Methods Can Be Selected In Checkout.



Weatherproof Magnetic Pelican Case:

Subscription Plan:

$39.95 Per Month Unlimited Use

(Billed when you activate device. At time of activation, charges are pro-rated for current month)

100% No Risk Satisfaction Guarantee!
No Long Term Contracts!


SALE: PT-10 $199.00 (Save $150)
FREE SHIPPING: $0.00 (Save $15)


(1) PT-10 GPS Tracker
(1) 120 VAC USB Wall Charger
(1) USB Charging Cable
(1) User Manual
(1) Free Lifetime Technical Support

Using Google Maps
Live Trac Mobile Utility Application

PT-10 Product Matrix

PT-10 Specification Sheet
PT-10 Sales Brochure/Spec (PDF)

PT-10 User Manual
PT-10 User Manual (PDF)

US Coverage Map - United States,
HI, AK Puerto Rico

Also Works In These
International Countries

PT-10 Professional Extended
Runtime Battery Kit

Extend PT-10 Runtime -
Approx. 75 Hrs Of
Actual Motion/Movement/Drive Time

Sale Price: $129.95


10 Ah Rechargeable
Battery Pack, Hex Key,
120 VAC Charger Kit

Case For PT-10 - Belt/Arm & Leg Strap

Dimensions: 4.33" x 2.4" x 0.78" cm

The PT-10 Athletic Case -
Includes The PT-10 Case
With Belt Attachment, Arm/Leg Band
Attachment & Lanyard

Sale Price: $24.95



Get Free UPS Ground Shipping
When You Order Today!
Offer Limited To The Continental U.S.

PT10 Professional - Portable Live!
Learn More Ultimate
GPS Tracker - 10 Sec. Vehicle Tracking For 60 Hours Of Drive Time!

RTV5 - For Vehicles Live Tracking!
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Vehicle Tracker


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