GPS Tracking For Business...

GPS Tracking For Business

Looking to locate, track and monitor a fleet of vehicles, a business asset, or even an employee?

We have a LiveViewGPS tracker for you. With a wide selection of hardwired, battery powered, or even plug and play GPS trackers LiveViewGPS has a solution that fits. Keep more accurate time sheets, reduce overtime, save on fuel costs and even improve your customer service with GPS vehicle trackers. Need to keep track of and monitor your business assets and inventory? LiveViewGPS asset trackers have you and your business covered.

Live Trac Platform Fleet Tracker Flash Tracker

Live Trac, Live GPS Tracking

The Live Trac system made its debut back in 2005, since than, it has evolved into the most reliable, accurate and truly live gps tracking system on the planet. Live Trac provides you with peace of mind. Tested & Proven, if your looking for comprehensive live gps tracking - look no further.

Live Trac EZ Vehicle Tracker

Use in passenger vehicles or light duty trucks built after 1997. The EZ GPS tracker installs in seconds. Ultra-fast live location updates with 10 second tracking. Comprehensive teen tracking, made easy. Track From ANY internet connected mobile or desktop device.

3G DEVICE | ATT Network | 10 second updates | $29.95 month.

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Live Trac G5 Hardwired Vehicle Tracker

The G5 is a next generation live vehicle tracking system, providing you with 10 second vehicle tracking. The G5 combines into one small package - a highly sensitive GPS receiver that works where other GPS vehicle tracking systems fail.

3G DEVICE | ATT Network | 10 second updates | $29.95 month.

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Live Trac G5 PRO Hardwired Vehicle Tracker

The G5 Pro has a larger internal battery, as well as more inputs/outputs than the standard G5. The G5 pro also has a larger dimensional footprint.

3G DEVICE | ATT Network | 10 second updates | $29.95 month.

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Live Trac RTV5 Hardwired GPS Tracker

The RTV5 is a hardwired gps vehicle tracking configured to report locations every 5 or 10 seconds. The RTV5 is enabled with 4 inputs and to outputs.

3G DEVICE | ATT Network | 10 second updates | $29.95 month.

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Fleet Trac Platform

The Fleet Tracker GPS tracking system is a robust platform for business vehicle and asset tracking. The Fleet Tracker platform is available in two versions, Standard and Professional. The Standard version is a feature rich simplified backend platform which is very easy to use. The Professional Platform is for those seeking advanceed GPS tracking capabilities, such as customized dashboards, advanced tracking metrics, Garmin integration, and Hours Of Service/Electronic logs.

Fleet Tracker Business Vehicle Tracking

Fleet Tracker OBD (Real-Time)

Use In Passenger Vehicles & Light Duty Trucks, manufactured after January 1, 1996.

The Fleet Tracker OBD is a real-time gps tracker designed primarily for business vehicle tracking. Highly functional and versatile, we are able to provide you with reliable as well as advanced telematic data, for a fraction of the cost of other national providers, with month to month no contract pricing.

CDMA | Verizon Data | 2 minute updates | $19.95 month.

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Fleet Tracker HW (Real-Time)

Designed primarily for business vehicle tracking. This hardwired GPS tracker with internal battery back-up, fits most all vehicles with basic 3-wire connection. Watch the short video "GPS Fleet Tracker For Business" to learn more.

CDMA | Verizon Data | 2 minute updates | $19.95 month.

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Flash Trac Real-Time GPS tracking System

Flash Trac is a real-time gps tracking system, that is user and budget friendly. We recommend Flash Trac for teen driver tracking, elderly driver tracking and even for use in small business.

flash trac gps tracker

Flash Trac OBD (Real-Time)

Plug and play gps tracker for passenger vehicles and light duty trucks. Flash Trac is designed to be used for personal gps tracking, like for teen and elderly drivers, as well for small businesses.

Alerts Include: Speeding, low battery, device tamper, ignition, and geo-fence.

3G | ATT Data | 1 minute updates | $14.95 month.

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Flash Trac HW

Flash Trac HW (Real-Time)

The Flash Trac HW is recommended for personal gps tracking, where a covert semi-permanent installation is needed. Typically, installed under the dash of your vehicle the tracker is out of sight, and undetectable.

3G | ATT Data | 1 minute updates | $14.95 month.

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We Guarantee 100% Our Products To Work As Advertised - Or Your Money Back!

We really enjoy what we do, we are passionate about GPS tracking, and the underlying technologies used to accomplish this...We believe in providing our clients with "use" value... At the end of the day, we love to see Happy, Satisfied Customers!

At Live View GPS we offer our clients the advantage of:

Choice. Choose from several different Tracking Platforms/Devices, Select The One Best Fits Your Needs.

No Contracts. Month To Month Billing.

Activate When Ready! Other services start billing your subscription immediately - with us, you activate when your ready.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Buy With Confidence - Consumers, try our service for 15 days, not happy? Return it for a refund. Businesses we give you 30 days to try our services.

We operate with a sense of integrity and with a sense of urgency. You can count on LiveViewGPS for GREAT customer support and service. LiveViewGPS is committed to our clients, and we deliver on what we promise.

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