They arrive on the jobsite at 8:20, knock off for lunch at 10:45, return to the jobsite at 12:15, and call it a day at 4:35. But on their timesheet, they charge you for a full 8-to-5.

Employees :

Hourly Wage :

Fed & FICA :

Minutes/day :

Monthly Savings:

Annual Savings :

Based on Step 1 (left), we've arrived at a total number of wasted hours each month. When those hours are put to productive use, they result in more billable work hours per day.

Hours/Month :

Profit/hour billed:


Monthly Savings :

Annual Savings :

National Labor Bureau statistics state 5.7% of workers engage in moonlighting or side jobs (In service industries, the number is higher). Lost income and stolen inventory result when company vehicles are used after hours.

Revenue/Emp :

Lost Inventory :

Monthly Savings :

Annual Savings :

Improved management resulting from the use of our system dramatically reduces mileage. Fewer nonproductive miles reduces the costs associated with fuel, oil changes, tires and repairs.

Miles per month
(per employee) :

Mileage reduction :

Cost per Mile :

Monthly Savings :

Annual Savings :



Overpaid Labor:

Lost Revenue:

Theft & Side Jobs:

Wasted Mileage:



Total :

Upfront Costs :